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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010 6 years ago

Play On!

Singing as a soloist is like standing naked in front of a large band of antagonists.
by: Louis Roney Staff Writer

• U.S. problem: 9.6 percent unemployment — and raging debt.

Obama's solution: Take 3,000 pals to India on 40 planes at horrendous expense. Nothing cheap about Obama when he's using our money to solve problems is there? I wonder what India would charge us to keep him there for the rest of his term?

• Obama's gargantuan extravagance works well if his arcane Sorosian plan is, in reality, to debauch the dollar and bring the U.S. down to the level of a third-rate nation.

• My beloved wife tells me that whether or not you like Marco Rubio, this guy is headed for the White House unless he self-destructs. Rubio's got a lot of plusses, and my beloved wife is an uncanny odds-maker.

• Is it fair that politicians vote a 2.8 percent cost of living raise for themselves (about a $4,700 annual increase) while denying Social Security beneficiaries an increase for the second year in a row? If politicians keep up this kind of monkey business, they are going to tarnish their benevolent reputations!

• Once in a football shower room, I cut loose with "O Sole Mio." Another high school guy said loudly, "Listen to that sissy football player." I pushed the guy up against the wall, cocked my arm and said, "Would you rather get your teeth knocked out by the sissy singer or the football player — take your choice." The guy said, "Don't get excited, I was only kidding." Kids of my era somehow got the idea that singing was not manly — of course, none of them had ever tried it in public. The first time I walked out on a stage to sing as a soloist, I was more scared than I had ever been on any football field. Singing as a soloist is like standing naked in front of a large band of antagonists. You eventually must learn that you are not singing for your hearers, but for your own ear. No one makes you do it; you have to remind yourself.

• It ain't enough to wish for great music in your neighborhood — you've got to know good music and be able to find financing for it, or the music evanesces — bad news from Daytona:

From Real Daytona on Oct. 27: "LSO show cancelled, Manny Bornia finally shuts up. It's official, the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) will not be coming to Daytona Beach in 2011. As we previously reported, money earmarked for that event was spent on the failed American Music Festival event. Festival organizer and promoter extraordinaire Manny Bornia and his staff were fired by Daytona College officials last week. The Daytona Beach Community Cultural Foundation that manages the LSO festival has no money so Bornia is finally, truly out of a job. In an unusual turn of events, Bornia had 'no comment' in today's Daytona Beach News-Journal article. It only took a mere $2 million loss…."

• Nov. 2's big election did some welcome house-cleaning. Bill O'Reilly commented that Orlando finally rid itself of its nationally scandalous pol. But nationwide remain Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, Chuckie Schumer, Andrew Cuomo, Barney Frank, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Coons among others. Well, I remind myself, voting is not a perfect art.

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