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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Thursday, Apr. 1, 2010 7 years ago

Play on!

Are you sure you want that?
by: Louis Roney Staff Writer

Is this still the U.S.A. we have always so proudly hailed? — the red, white and blue waving over the land of the free and the brave? The banner we followed into Normandy, and Guadalcanal, and which still waves above the sunken USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor?

In spite of our illustrious heritage, there are discernable signs that our country may be caving in to the ubiquitous wacko that confronts us on all sides.

Once we get a taste of the people we elect to office, we may often suspect ourselves of blindness, deafness and even lunacy.

Our flag still waves over the White House, but the man inside is a question mark.

How is it possible that thinking people can so often select unthinking — even disloyal — public servants?

I have “deemed” damn few things in my life.

“Deeming” is kind of like “dreaming” and contains very little of real substance.

What is a “deem” built upon except the avoidance of clarity of expression? Congresswoman Pelousy throws a lot of “deems” at you.

It's possible, for personal gain, to kid ourselves that the uncertain is the same as the factual.

Should we then “deem” our marriage partners to be our mates — and perhaps not under law, but something somewhere close to the law without being so demanding?

On the public scene, the trouble is that all the people we vote for are politicians.

We're living in an era I don't always understand. Ours is a contradictory democracy where the public shouts a loud “No” and their political representatives then shout “Yes” even louder, right in their faces.

I'm possibly nuts to expect politicians to do what the people want — I guess politicians likely do what fellow-pol Nasty Pelousy suggests, i.e., vote for a bill first, and then read it to find out afterward what they voted for.

Maybe Pelousy thinks that pols are not the “public's servants” but the “public's savants!”

At any rate, we have only our principles and virtues to tell us what is right and wrong.

Since the Democrats succeeded in pushing through the Obama HealthCare Bill with a shocking display of bizarre, munipulative shenanigans, the future looks less sanguine indeed.

This Bill's passing put nearly a third of our national power in a devious President's devious hands, and makes us suspect that there is worse to come.

We have every reason to think that we picked in Obama, a very bad apple.

He waxed vocifirous when he told the U.S. that he wanted immediate action on the HealthCare Bill, that he was “tired of waiting around.” Mr. Obama seems most at home when operating in a Putsch frame of mind, which may or may not operate smoothly when used in a democratic institution.

His chameleon morality and his blatant arm-twisting methods rule out any chance of reasonable negotiating with the man.

Do you yet realize fully who Obama really is?

What's scary is that he seems to ignore the existence of right and wrong, and to concentrate only on what he wants for his own deceptive self-service.

How did the American people, a people usually conscious of its own morality, put into the White House a character so lacking in noble aims—even simple truth?

The Washington Times stated: “If Obama passes his radical Health Care agenda he will have put in place the structure for taking over everything else.”

Obama is a product of South Chicago, a protege of Saul Alinsky, and George Soros. He has filled the White House with aides who are too often of the Marxist stripe.

The U.S. Constitution seems more and more to be ignored for the Communist Manifesto.

How did we do this to ourselves? (An expression I heard Germans utter often in Post-war Germany.)

What will be the nature of the next election?

Will the U.S. public have the free right and sober judgment to dump Obama by merely voting him out? He is, of course, now the Commander in Chief of all our Armed Forces— although God knows he is no Eisenhower, Marshall, or Nimitz.

No one has ever been able to defeat the U.S. by invading our shores.

Are we now vulnerable to be conquered from within?

Will the Supreme Court, perhaps, decide to invalidate Obama's elaborate HealthCare plan?

Will Obama be allowed to undermine our concepts of free enterprise and private property?

As Representative Alcee Hastings succinctly put it, “We don't need any rules, we make'em up as we go along.”

Substitute the word Constitution for the word “rules” and you've got Obama's simple terrible battle plan.

Obama is busy convincing large portions of the American population that they are “entitled” to big bites from our national treasury.

“Something for nothing” has long been a Democratic enticement. And entitlement's are right up Obama's alley.

I, myself, was a Democrat in my 20's, when I was just out of college, and in uniform.

After a Postwar decade of making a living in a competitive profession, I realized that the Democrats' principles were based on an Alice In Wonderland existence.

Obama is busy sowing seeds of doubt in the minds of Americans that the Insurance Companies that have provided dependable private insurance for generations are, in fact, incapable of doing so now.

His HealthCare Bill was, of course, designed to be compulsary and finally to drive out of business all other health insurance organizations. NO MATTER what we are being told today, there WILL BE a single payer, namely, the government.

All this is clearly another loud hurrah for the Socialism that lots of people seem to be clamoring for.

Obama likes to speak of the “fortunate” and the “unfortunate,” implying that luck is the highest power, and that there is little connection between human behavior and its results. His freely delivered conclusions are without substantiation, and can strongly affect the young and the gullible.The only possible reason why this country could be reduced to a third-rate nation would be if a control force at the top was able to topple us.

Marxist George Soros is more than likely one of many such forces. The fact of “America-haters” remains forever inexplicable to me.

People who are born thinking that they are “owed” a living astound me.

Such is beginning of the end....

“If Congress garantees a ‘right’ to HealthCare whether we can afford it or not, it must diminish someone else's rights, i.e.,the rights to their earnings. Congress has no resources of its own....”—Economist Walter E. Will

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