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Southwest Orange Friday, Aug. 11, 2017 3 years ago

A new coffee shop opens in downtown Windermere

Paloma Coffee Co. opened its doors July 27, in downtown Windermere
by: Brittany Gaines Reporter

WINDERMERE Coffee lovers have a new spot to sip their favorite brew in downtown Windermere. 

Paloma Coffee Co. officially opened its doors on Thursday, July 27.

“The Windermere community has been phenomenal to us,” said one of the owners, Marcelino Hoyo. “They have accepted us. They have accepted the change. They have been supportive.”

Marcelino and his wife, Celia, decided to open a coffee shop because, after nearly a decade of working in the hair salon business, Celia was beginning to develop back problems and wanted an alternative work environment for when she couldn’t cut hair anymore.

“The health issues made us think about what we wanted for the future, and that’s when we thought of coffee,” Marcelino said.

However, it took several weeks before Marcelino was convinced that opening a coffee shop was the right decision. But once he tasted Panther coffee - their coffee supplier -  he was sold.

“When I tried the coffee, I was blown away,” he said. “I’d never had a coffee like this. I’ve been a Starbucks guy forever until I tried Panther.”

Marcelino Hoyo, right, opened Paloma Coffee Co. with the help of his family including his daughter, Arianna, left.

In June, the Hoyo family began working on converting the space at 507 Main St. into a coffee shop. Marcelino did construction work while his wife and daughters handled the decorating.

“It looks like our home - it’s just our aesthetic,” said Arianna Hoyo. “Simplicity and cleanliness is key.”

As for the coffee, it’s all about precision. A single shot of espresso takes up to 30 seconds to brew. If it’s not brewed long enough, it’s acidic. Too long, and it’s bitter.

“You have to strike that sweet spot,” Marcelino said.

On the menu is a variety of espresso-based drinks, regular brewed coffee, cold brew coffee and even coffee on nitro - something that’s more commonly associated with craft beer. In addition to all things coffee, Paloma’s menu also includes a variety of teas, from green and black tea to herbal tea.

Even though it’s only been open for two weeks, the shop already has a group of kids who stop by daily to order Arnold Palmers. The drink has now been added to the menu and dubbed the Raemella Palmer - a combination of the kids’ names.

“We just get excited to see them in here everyday,” Arianna said.

In the front of the shop is a small bakery, featuring a variety of breads and desserts, and all the items are brought in from local bakers.

“We wanted a way to help support the community,” Marcelino said.

And just around the corner form the bakery is a photo in black-and-white featuring a woman surrounded by doves. The woman is Marcelino’s mother. He kept a smaller version of the photo in his Bible for years, and that original photo was the inspiration for the coffee shop’s name - Paloma, meaning doves in Spanish. Now, she sits watching over the crowds coming and going at Paloma Coffee Co.

“It’s been a wild ride,” Arianna said about the opening of the coffee shop. “It’s really nice I get to work with my family. I’ve grown up here, so the fact that I get to have a hand in building my community has been phenomenal.”


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