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West Orange Times & Observer Thursday, Aug. 25, 2022 1 month ago


At 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, Juan Gainous will be the starting quarterback for the Olympia Titans for this upcoming football season.
by: Andrea Mujica Staff Writer

This year, the Olympia High School football team will be starting with a new quarterback on the field — junior Juan Gainous. At 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, Gainous is excited for the opportunity to start with the team and is looking forward to a successful season ahead. 

How long have you been playing football? 
Since I was 5 years old. 

Why football?
It gets me excited, it has a different atmosphere, I love it. It’s the energy that comes with it. Everyone wakes up on Friday morning, knowing that there’s a football game going on somewhere. 

How did you get into football? 
My dad put me in it when I was young. He used to play when he was younger. 

Have you tried playing other positions besides quarterback?
Yes, when I was younger, I used to play linebacker.  

What is your favorite thing about being quarterback? 
I feel like I can control the game better; I am more of a game controller. So, I have more of the game in my hands when I play quarterback. 

How do you feel about being the starting quarterback for the Titans this year? 
I’m excited. I am ready to put myself out there and show my talent. 

What do you think football has taught you not only on the field but also in life? 
Just to be a man. To be more masculine. Treat people with respect, treat people how you like to be treated. Mostly life lessons. 

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Olympia High School football team?
The brotherhood (that we have). Everybody loves each other. Everybody forces each other to get better. 

Do you have a favorite drill during practice that you enjoy doing? 
That would be the quarterback drill.

What is your favorite movie? 
“Scary Movie” — it’s just fun. 

Who is your favorite superhero? Why? 
Batman. I don’t know, I kind of like that he has two different personalities; it’s just like me. I am a different person on the football field than I am (when I’m not on the field). 

If you could have a superpower, which one would it be and why? 
Probably fly, because there is too much traffic everywhere, so it’d be nice to fly somewhere. 

What is a TV series that you are watching right now? Why? 
“All American.” I don’t know, I just like it. 

What is your favorite dessert? 
I’m Cuban, so flan. I eat (all flavors), I don’t care. 

What’s your favorite food? 
Pizza. I like pepperoni pizza, I like it classic. 

What are three things on your bucket list? 
I want to graduate high school with a 3.5 unweighted GPA, I want to get into school by qualifying academically, and I just want to be a good man. I would like to make money, I don’t care how I make it; I just want to make money. 

Three things you would take with you to a deserted island? 
I guess a knife to cut things, a fire starter and probably a tent. 

What was the best thing you did this past summer? 
I went to the Cayman Islands to see my godfather. I was just with my family all the time, so (spending time) with people I hadn’t seen in a long time. 

Where would you like to go to college? 
I would like to go to Florida State University. 

Have you thought about what’d you like to study when you get to college? 
I would like to study sports medicine. 

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