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Southwest Orange Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2016 4 years ago

ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Hannah Rosenfield

Windermere Prep senior Hannah Rosenfield is coming off a 14:1 tennis season, during which her team also finished as state runner-up.
by: Danielle Hendrix Associate Editor

Windermere Prep senior Hannah Rosenfield finished her 2016 tennis season with a 14-1 record and as a leader on a team that claimed the FHSAA Class 1A state runner-up title. According to the Tennis Recruiting Network, she is also the No. 46 recruit in the state. 


What does finishing as state runners-up say to you about the team dynamic?

It shows how far we’ve come over the years, because it was the best we’ve done, and I’ve been playing since fourth or fifth grade.


What are some of the top highlights of this season for you?

We were able to get a lot of doubles practice, and I was able to play with a lot of different players. Some of them were on my level, and others weren’t, so that was awesome to learn more about teamwork. I only lost one match the whole season, which is an accomplishment I’m proud of.


How did you get into playing tennis?

My mum used to play professionally, so I was always kind of involved in the sport, but when I was 8, I realized I really enjoyed it, so I just started playing.


What’s the most challenging aspect of tennis for you?

The mental aspect, because unless you’re playing doubles you’re on your own and you’re playing for yourself. You don’t have a team playing together, even though you work as a team. 


What are your plans for after school?

I’m actually the age of a junior, because I skipped a grade when I came from England because the schooling system is different there. (Because) I’m the age of a junior, I’m going to take a year out after I graduate, like a gap year, and I’ll train and look at colleges and see where the best fit for me is. After that, I’ll go to college, and I’d like to play tennis there.


What’s your favorite Disney movie?

I like “Pocahontas” (and) “Hercules.” … I like every Disney movie, to be honest!


What’s your least favorite chore to do?

Cleaning and wiping the floors, I guess. It’s boring, and it hurts my knees on the hard floor.


If you could be any animal, what would you be?

I would be either a lion, because I think they’re really cool animals, or a dolphin because I love the ocean.


Do you have a favorite season?

I like them all for different reasons. Summer is summer, and everyone likes summer. I like winter because of Christmastime, and fall is my birthday. Summer and winter are probably my two favorites.

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