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Athlete of the Week
Southwest Orange Thursday, Mar. 17, 2016 3 years ago


Shea Moran had five goals and four assists in a big 19-13 West Orange lacrosse win over Creekside (Jacksonville) March 4. Her scoring prowess helped the Warriors start the season 11-2.
by: Zak Kerr Staff Writer/Reporter

What got you into lacrosse?

I started playing lacrosse in third or fourth grade — I used to live in New Jersey; up there, lacrosse is huge, and my older sister used to play, so I grew up going to college games and stuff. You always want to be like your older sister.


What has made you stay with it?

I tried out the sport and just instantly started loving it, and I guess once I got here, I was afraid I wouldn’t like the sport as much anymore, because in Florida it’s not as competitive as it is up north. But my club team, Storm Select … the repetition that we had definitely kept me in the game. That definitely increased my skills a lot and improved me to the player I want to be.


What made attack your favorite position?

I’ve always loved being the person who’s driving to the goal or finding that open person. I tried defense; I’m not really that good at it. I just find myself being more intense when I’m running the ball up the field, looking for that pass or looking for that goal or something. I feel like I see the field better on the offensive end.


How would you describe your playing style?

I’m more of a person who likes to come from behind (the net). I’ll go all over, but I feel more comfortable. My strong suit is … coming from either side behind and just looking for the draw and dump or the feed and then crease rolling.


What is your favorite class?

I really like my AP (U.S. History) class, just because I love history, and I’ve had my same teacher, Miss Shrader, for two years. I just love her teaching style. I’m really into law and pre-law, so you need to learn about the Constitution, the basis for all of that. It’s just always interested me. But I guess I really liked chemistry last year, too, but I’m more of a history person.


Is pre-law something you’re considering for college?

Yeah, I’m committed to St. Francis University (Pennsylvania, for lacrosse); they have a really good pre-law program. That’s what drew me to the school. Pre-law, probably political science and maybe a minor in psychology or something.


If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

We spend so much in resources, and there’s so many different countries that don’t have the same resources we do. I guess just, instead of just having so much of an abundant amount of resources in one area, having it spread out so we wouldn’t have poverty or some of the diseases that have killed so many people just because of a lack of medication and treatment and stuff. If we had all of the resources that we were given spread out evenly, then maybe we could reduce a bunch of things that people say, like, “I want to end world hunger;” “I want to end diseases that are killing many people.”


What’s your favorite animal?

I really like turtles. I grew up going to … a beach house in Naples. It was my mom’s whole side, and we’d go down there. And we’d always go to this aquarium, and I’d always be the person having to go peer at the turtles and stuff. In Naples we’d go on what we called alligator walks, and there you’d see all the alligators … but I’d always be more interested in the turtles. Something about them is just so cute.


– Zak Kerr

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