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Southwest Orange Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016 4 years ago


Windermere Prep junior has had a strong stretch following a pair of breakout games in late December.
by: Steven Ryzewski Senior Sports Editor

Teammates of Will Seelman had been waiting for the him to have a breakout game. The junior Laker shooting guard/small forward scored 13 points to go with four rebounds in a victory Dec. 29 against Cannon (North Carolina) in the semifinal of The Rock Holiday Classic. He followed with 11 points and seven rebounds vs. Windermere Prep in the final. 


How did it feel to put together two strong games over the holiday break to get your scoring production going?

It really felt good, because I knew it was coming. After coming back from football, I kind of had a little bit of a slow start. When it finally happened during The Rock Holiday (Classic), it felt good.


You played football for the varsity team for the first time this year. What was that like?

I really didn’t have any expectations. Parker is the quarterback, and it was his last year, so Yassen (Aratius) and I kind of talked about it and we were like, “Sure, why not?” It ended up being a great experience.


Against Winter Park, you played a pivotal role in a stretch to end the third quarter and begin the fourth quarter. What do you remember about that sequence?

My team needed me. Coach (Ben) Wilson has told me, “Just keeping grinding, and it will happen for you.” I was crashing the boards; I got rebounds and I got put-backs. I drove to the basket and got a one-and-one and that felt good — it kind of changed the momentum for us.


What’s your favorite gym in which you’ve played?

Last year, we went to Alaska for a tournament. We played at this school, it was called West Anchorage — that gym was crazy. It was probably the steepest gym I’ve seen. The fans in Alaska — they packed the gym. 


What’s your non-sports dream job?

I just want to travel the world. I have a strong passion for traveling. I have a strong passion for Europe and the history there, so that would be great if I could be paid to travel the world.


What’s a quote or piece of advice you’ve received that has really stuck with you?

I know there’s a quote by Michael Jordan: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” And that kind of stuck with me, because sometimes, I think about missing shots, (but) when I think about that quote, (I remember) there’s nothing really to lose. Just go for it, no matter what. Good things are going to happen.


What’s a song you’ve been listening to a lot lately?

I like that song “Jumpman” by Drake and Future. It’s kind of a newer song, but it kind of gets me hyped before games.


If you had to pick a superpower, what would it be?

Unlimited jumping ability. I can jump pretty well as it is, but if I could fly out of the gym, that would be great.


When it comes to superhero movies, are you more of a Marvel or a D.C. fan?

I’d say more of a Marvel fan. But I’m not really crazy about those types of movies — I’m more of a comedy guy. I like Will Ferrell and all those type of guys.


What’s something nerdy about you?

I like math, if that counts. It seems kind of weird, people don’t really like math, but I have a strong interest in it. I know if you have a strong foundation for math it will help you a lot.


What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I actually have a strong passion for European soccer. I follow the English Premiere League and the German leagues. I try to watch this team called Tottenham every week. I’ve seen a few games live in England. I fell in love with it a couple years ago, and I’ve been an avid fan ever since.


In terms of professional players, who is someone you admire?

I like to watch Kevin Love a lot. I think we’re similar players — we’re skill players, we shoot, we dribble. … I just really admire his love for the game.


What are your hopes for the rest of the season?

Really, the ultimate goal is winning in Lakeland. We’ve never done that as a program here, and I know it’s kind of our year. It’s been our goal since the beginning, but it’s a process getting through districts and regionals.

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