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Athlete of the Week
Southwest Orange Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016 4 years ago


Wallace, a senior forward for the Dr. Phillips boys' soccer team, helped the Panthers to an 8-1-6 start with his scoring prowess and leadership.
by: Zak Kerr Staff Writer/Reporter

Where did you grow up?

I grew up first in Kingston, Jamaica, and then moved here in Orlando when I was in the fourth grade. It was uncomfortable at first, but … I've always been an outgoing person. It kind of helps that I was younger, too, because people didn't really judge me as much, and then eventually I just fit right in. 


What got you into soccer?

Pretty much my family. I'm Jamaican, so my dad played, my brother – pretty much everybody.


Is there a goal you've scored this season that stands out?

My favorite goal so far this season was in the very first game, against Boone. It was my second goal of the season. It was to win the game. We were tied 1-1. We were still trying to figure ourselves out. Coming from down to tie it and then win was a good feeling. I remember I was pretty tired but the guy who was guarding me was also pretty fast, so I just pushed – I ran as fast as I could – and I ended up beating him. It was just me and him, so once I beat him, I got the shot off and it went in.


Do you have any colleges in mind to play soccer at?

Right now I'm looking at University of the Cumberlands, Embry-Riddle, Andrew College in Georgia and Carroll College in Montana.


What kind of movies do you like?

I'm a “Harry Potter” person. I actually read my first one when I came here, literally my first year here. I read them all up to the seventh one in my fifth-grade year. I really like them a lot. It was just the story, it was really interesting. I guess I put myself in the story, like I was Harry Potter. I think they're making a movie about “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” so I'm definitely excited about that.


What else have you liked to read?

I also liked the “Series of Unfortunate Events.” I'm still looking for that next one to catch my attention like “Harry Potter” did – I'm busy all the time.


What other hobbies do you have?

I really enjoy video games. I like electronics – building circuits and stuff. FIFA, of course; I play (Call of Duty); Battlefield – I'm actually a big Battlefield fan. I like it more than Call of Duty.


Is working with electronics something you're thinking of for college?

Definitely. I want to either do electrical engineering or business. I was even considering aeronautics, but … I think I'm probably going to do engineering. All the schools I'm looking at right now are interested in engineering. My dad is an engineer, so I think it might have stemmed from him – we're both good at math and science.


What would you say is your favorite meal of the day and why?

Probably – believe it or not – lunch. I'd say lunch because normally my lunch is … something that tastes good. It just fills you up. You normally have a choice on your lunch. My mom cooks every day, so I don't really get a choice on dinner most of the time, and I don't really eat breakfast. I love Jamaican food, like curried chicken. I love Five Guys Burgers. Burger 21 is pretty good – I had that yesterday.


– Zak Kerr

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