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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Friday, Sep. 8, 2017 1 year ago

Autumn updates for your Central Florida home

With fall unfolding, now is the perfect time to get that home improvement list done.
by: Christina Rordam Columnist

With fall unfolding, now is the perfect time to get that home improvement list done. The holidays are beginning, and your family likely will be hosting guests at home, so why not make a great impression with some upkeep and home improvements? Unlike the states that experience snow, here in Central Florida we have to be sure to guard against rain, wind and, from time to time, more severe storms. 

1. Hurricane season overlaps with our fall, so a good place to start with your autumn home updates is the roof. Step outside and take a good look. Is there anything that seems damaged? Many roofing contractors will come evaluate the home for free or a nominal charge. Having a professional assess the condition of your roof is a great thing to do pre hurricane season. 

2. Although we don’t have quite the number of falling leaves as our northern neighbors do, fall is the best time to get your mind in the gutters! Especially living in a state such as Florida, it’s vital to keep them free of debris with a good cleaning and mesh guards put in place to keep them that way. 

3. Some other key items to check up on this fall are your duct work, HVAC and weather-stripping. Leaky ducts are one of the main culprits for high utility bills, so it’s advised to check for any potential rifts. Many homeowners will hire HVAC pros to evaluate and service their systems annually or biannually. Some utility companies will provide a free energy-efficiency inspection too, so there are multiple routes to go in keeping your family comfortable heading into winter. Weather-stripping around doors and windows can let climate-controlled air out into the wild without your knowing. Make a visual inspection by walking your home’s perimeter inside and out to see where weather striping needs repairing and make the necessary fixes. 

4. Take your energy efficiency to the next level by installing a smart home thermostat like the one offered by Nest. Smart thermostats can be set up to control temps and maximize efficiency when you are not at home, helping to shave a few bucks off your utility bill. Already have a smart thermostat in place? Replace all the light bulbs in your home with energy star approved LED bulbs. The bulbs last up to 50% longer than incandescent lights. 

5. Now back to those pesky storms. Here in Central Florida, some of the most important autumn home updates we can make are related to hurricane preparedness. Make an evacuation plan. Make space to house any patio furniture or outdoor items in the event of high winds, and don’t forget to trim those trees. If you have any dead limbs or trees that need removal altogether, do so before they become a liability to your home. You may also want to keep some boards on hand to cover your windows with if the need arises.

A home is more or less a living breathing member of your family. It’s important to make checks on its health and condition several times a year and keep up its appearance. Home is where your family and your heart are so take care to keep it well maintained.

Christina Rordam is a local Realtor with 12 years experience and a member of ORRAs Top Producer Club. For more, visit


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