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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Thursday, Mar. 1, 2018 4 years ago

AXIOM gallery to open “Certainty of the Tides” exhibition

The Winter Park art consulting firm will celebrate female artists.
by: Tim Freed Former Managing Editor

A new exhibition arriving at a Winter Park gallery hopes to send one positive message when it opens next month: the impact of female artists across the globe.

The exhibition, titled “Certainty of the Tides,” will open with a kickoff event at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 15, at AXIOM Fine Art Consulting’s gallery, 268 W. New England Ave.

AXIOM is a consulting business that helps art collectors with everything from budgeting to long-term goals. 

Art lovers and curious residents alike will have a chance to view works by artists PJ Svejda and Madison Bloch, both female artists that communicate in completely different styles.

Bloch, an artist from New York, uses an abstract style to create paintings and floor sculptures, while Svejda, who lives in Maitland, chooses to express her ideas with a literal, in-your-face style of painting, gallery director Sorcha Baty said.

“I think its just so inspiring to see people really articulate their most authentic selves in their work,” Baty said. “They’re putting together a completely original collection for this show, so I want people to see what they’ve been working on.

“These two women both share very similar things, but the way that they approach it and the way that they reflect it is going to be on display,” she said.

The exhibition is meant to celebrate the contributions of female artists everywhere — tying in directly with March, which is Women’s History Month, Baty said.

It speaks to a longstanding reality of inequality between men and women, she said. 

“Not only are we examining now the way that women are being treated in the different marches that are happening around inequality in the work place, but we also have to look at the inequality in the arts world, as well,” Baty said. “You have so many amazing female artists who do not get the same recognition as their male counterparts. You have a lot of fantastic female art collectors who in their art collections have a lot more men than they have women. It seems that across the board, that women and female artists are not getting the same recognition and they’re only seen more as the subject of works than they are actually being credited for creating.”

AXIOM, which opened last August, acquired the space for a gallery next door at the beginning of the year, when the former Capricci Ricci Salon left. Baty said she hopes this first exhibition held at the gallery space will open the doors for more collaboration with artists and local nonprofits in the area. AXIOM is planning to have four different shows throughout each year, she said.

“It’s a space that gives artists the opportunity to share their message and their hard work with the community,” AXIOM art consultant Chris Jones said. “It brings a fresh fine art to the area. I think it’s more fine art than the big box stores or a gallery that has a specific character. We really want to support the fine arts.”

In addition to the positive message the gallery brings, Baty said she hopes visitors walk away with a gallery experience that was welcoming, inclusive and approachable.

“I know that a lot going on with art galleries — they’re kind of intimidating and art is very intimidating,” Baty said. “My dad is one who doesn’t go into art galleries, because he feels like he’s not going to understand what makes this a good piece.”

The “Certainty of the Tides” exhibition is scheduled to run through June 30. A panel featuring Maria Guerrero of Women in the Arts, Dr. Ruth Edwards of the Winter Park Public Library and Tiffany Sanders of the Downtown Arts District of Orlando also is being planned for a date in early May during the run of the exhibition.


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Tim Freed was the managing editor for the West Orange Times & Observer and the Southwest Orange Observer. 


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