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Southwest Orange Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2016 3 years ago

Brazilian brothers devise new fast-casual steak joint

Bruno and Andre Andreoli are set to open their first restaurant, Steak On Fire, at the end of July in Dr. Phillips.
by: Danielle Hendrix Associate Editor

DR. PHILLIPS  A new restaurant that blends American and Brazilian culture with a twist on traditional Brazilian steaks is on its way to Dr. Phillips.

Steak on Fire — branded as a “Brazilian steakhouse on bread” — is the first restaurant location for brothers and founders Andre and Bruno Andreoli and will specialize in serving Brazilian grilled-steak sandwiches.

The Andreolis grew up in south Brazil, where they became accustomed to grilling Brazilian steak on Sundays. When their father moved the family to the United States, they adapted fairly well to American culture. However, they were puzzled by the fact that their American friends wanted to eat burgers and watch football on grilling days, while they were used to grilling Brazilian steaks and watching soccer. 

“I got my bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising and went back to Brazil for a few years before I came back to the U.S. to do an MBA at Duke University and then joined Heinz, where I was a brand manager,” Bruno said. “Later I changed roles to sales. I always had this dream of opening my own business and a restaurant, and my brother did, too. He completes my professional experience with a background in banking and finance.”

To unite both cultures, the brothers began serving Brazilian steaks on bread as steak sandwiches. From there, friends’ positive responses encouraged them to move on from their corporate careers. As they looked around the country for opportunities for Steak on Fire, they realized their concept was different, unique and something they thought people would like.

“Sandwiches are really popular in the U.S., so we decided to merge the two ideas to come up with one that is unique to the community,” Bruno said. “Brazilian steakhouses are more expensive, and we wanted to offer something cheaper, quicker and that would go along with the trend in the U.S. today.”

The menu consists of nine types of sandwiches: flank steak, rib-eye, tri-tip, filet mignon, Brazilian steak burger, chicken breast, boneless chicken, pork tenderloin and lamb. Each comes with a special sauce, such as chimichurri or garlic sauces. 

Additionally, there are four entrées — top sirloin, filet mignon, chicken breast and lamb chops — as well as a handful of salads, desserts and a selection of bottled beers and wine by the glass.

If all goes well, Bruno hopes to have a soft opening toward the end of July.

“Absolutely everything is made in house and was created by us, so we’re very proud of them,” Bruno said of the food that will be served. “I would like for them (customers) to see that it is different. We’re going have amazing service, but I want them to see our delicious menu and think, ‘This is something I would not find anywhere else.’ We are very excited to be in Orlando and to work with the American community.”


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