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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017 3 years ago

Chris Jepson: Who's buying Trump?

Trump is a tawdry confidence man, the quintessential bridge salesman. So sad for those buying. All Americans for that matter.
by: Chris Jepson Staff Writer

Since the presidential election I’ve read 50 or so accounts analyzing why Donald Trump won. It’s a mixed bag of explanations ranging from Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment to FBI’s Comey’s last minute investigation of Anthony Weiner’s email to Russian hacking allegations to white Rust Belt resentment of intellectuals to media failures to accurately present Trump’s record of accomplishments and failures.

I know a number of wealthy, capable individuals who voted for Trump. I listen to their reasons for supporting the man and am amazed at the speciousness of their arguments. They identify President Obama’s overreach, that our military is in shambles, the foreign loss of respect (fear) of America, oppressive government regulations, and, of course, Obamcare, Oh, did I mention tax cuts for the affluent?

What I do know for sure is that last November the American Nazi Party chairman Rocky Suhayda said, “Donald Trump’s campaign statements, if nothing else, have shown that ‘our views’ are not so ‘unpopular’ as the Political Correctness crowd have told everyone they are!” He went on to say that Trump offered a “real opportunity” to grow the white nationalist movement. American Nazis like Trump.

So, too, the KKK. Last fall, the prominent KKK newspaper, the Crusader, offered enthusiastic support for Donald Trump. Rachel Pendergraft, the national organizer for the Knights Party (Ku Klux Klan) said the KKK saw Trump’s candidacy as an introduction (a way) to recruit followers. The KKK likes Trump.

Interesting then — is it not? — the merry band of fellow travelers in bed with Trump. So as you get all comfy and snugly with Trump as president look at who exactly is under the covers with you.

I will now briefly discuss what I consider Donald Trump’s chief characteristic.

Gordon Pennycook wrote (“Why BS is no laughing matter”) on the Aeon website, "According to the philosopher Harry Frankfurt, emeritus professor at Princeton University, [BS] is something that is constructed absent of any concern for the truth. This is quite different from lying, which implies a deep concern for the truth (namely, its subversion). [BS] is particularly pernicious since the [BS’er] adopts an epistemic stance that allows for a great deal of agility. For the [BS’er], it doesn’t really matter if he is right or wrong. What matters is that you’re paying attention."

This is Donald Trump in a nutshell. He is not remotely interested in the truth but only that you are paying attention. Woe for America.

I learned a new word during my research for this column. And I am amazed that I did not see it used once during the presidential election. Trumpery. Yes, there is such a word. Who knew?

Trumpery has 14th-15th century Middle English/Middle French origins and, get this — means — “to deceive.”

“Trumpery was originally practiced by criminals and scam artists. Like so many other words related to trickery and bridge selling.”

Is that a hoot or what? Centuries ago, a word is coined and, presciently — ironically — describes a 21st century American president.

We’re left with Nazis and KKKers, and of course, the Grand Old Xenophobic Party (GOP) — all supporting a self-declared scam artist.

Trump is a tawdry confidence man, the quintessential bridge salesman. So sad for those buying. All Americans for that matter.

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