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Photo by: Sarah Wilson - Maitland Councilman Phil Bonus, right, acknowledged this week that he was on the client list for a prostitution ring.
Winter Park / Maitland Observer Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 5 years ago

City wants feedback on Councilman Phil Bonus

Should he resign?

The Observer received the following email calling for opinions regarding news reports this week that Councilman Phil Bonus admitted he was on the client list for a prostitution ring. While researching the story, news agencies also found that he has had two DUI arrests.

You can vote for Bonus to resign, stay on Council or say that it is a private matter. The results are confidential and will be reported at Monday night's City Council meeting, the message states.

This is the email:

Re: Vice Mayor Bonus caught up in Osceola Prostitution Scandal and having 2 DUI arrests

The results of this CONFIDENTIAL * poll will be shared with the MAITLAND CITY COUNCIL Meeting Monday night. You are invited.

The Mayor and Vice Mayor and others have said they need public feedback.This poll needs circulation to be successful. Please forward to at least 5 others.

  • Only the results will be made public.


Just check appropriate boxes and send in an email to [email protected]:

1) I think Vice Mayor Bonus should APOLOGIZE and RESIGN IMMEDIATELY

2) I think Vice Mayor Bonus should BE ALLOWED TO STAY ON_ (apologize publicly?_)

3) I think this is a PRIVATE MATTER

Maitland Citizen

Work in Maitland_

Visitor __

Comments Optional:

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