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Cops Corner
West Orange Times & Observer Thursday, Mar. 24, 2016 4 years ago

COPS CORNER 03.24.16

An Ocoee driver got the "Think before you drink" adage backward before asking to just walk away.
by: Zak Kerr Staff Writer/Reporter


FEB. 20

Silver Star and Ocoee-Apopka roads. Drunken driving. At 10:53 p.m., an officer saw a pickup exit a bar parking lot by driving over a curb and failing to yield to oncoming traffic or maintain its lane. The officer stopped the driver, who identified himself by Guatemalan passport and said he had drunk five or six beers at the bar. He said the time was about 9 or 10 p.m. by 11:15 p.m. During sobriety tests, he stared at the officer instead of following a pen, because the officer “was prettier than the pen.” During the nine-step walk-and-turn, the suspect walked 10 steps forward and 13 steps back, skipping 13 when he counted. For his one-leg stand, he put his foot down at a 10 count twice despite instructions to go longer. Officers arrested him on a DUI charge. A breath test showed a blood-alcohol content level of 0.178.

FEB. 24

9000 block of West Colonial Drive. Theft. At about 12:33 p.m., an officer met a loss-prevention associate at a department store. The LPA said a woman had selected several items at about 11:45 a.m. and then went to a fitting room. She left that room without the items and then tried to exit, so the LPA stopped her, recovering: three purses worth $50 apiece, two pairs of shoes worth $29.99 each, two watches priced at $34 and $40, a $36 jacket, two pairs of shorts valued at $26 each, four $20 tops, two $26 tank tops, a hoodie worth $42, a $40 sweater and a workout top valued at $48. The total worth was $633.98. The suspect said she was homeless and needed money, so she hid items in her purse with intent to sell elsewhere. Officers discovered she was involved in another theft. They charged her with grand theft and drove her to a booking center.

FEB. 26

20 block of West Silver Star Road. Drunken driving. An officer conducting a traffic stop at 11:21 p.m. asked other officers to stop a pickup that almost took off his car door. Officers stopped the suspect, who opened his door and said he had been downtown. He had to think before clarifying it was downtown Winter Garden, as well as before noting he had been at a bar. He told officers the name of the bar but then forgot, despite saying he was at 100% performance. When asked whether he suffered from any medical condition, he giggled and said no. He could not say for sure how much he had drunk but, when asked whether it was safe to operate his truck, he said, “Sitting here now thinking about it, probably not.” Officers asked him to take sobriety tests, but he said he would rather just leave his car parked and then walk home. Despite an explanation of consequences of refusal, he continued to refuse to test. Officers arrested him on a DUI charge, and he refused a breath test.

FEB. 28

8000 block of West Colonial Drive. Drug possession. At about 10:23 p.m., an officer saw a car with tag violations driving in a lot and then stopped it. The driver said he had nothing noteworthy in the car but refused a search. An officer later searched the suspect and found a straw resembling one used for drugs. Meanwhile, a K-9 unit alerted officers to a need to search the car. Officers found a switchblade, as well as a cigarette pack submerged in pop. Inside the pack were 10 tiny heroin baggies with a blue Superman logo on them. The suspect admitted it was heroin he had been selling and that he had further items near his groin. An officer used gloves to help remove 18 more tiny baggies, 14 of which had the Superman logo and four of which had a green alien logo. Officers retrieved $772 the suspect said he had made from selling heroin. A citation for no tag light accompanied the suspect’s arrest on drug possession, intent to sell and evidence destruction charges.



Ocoee Fire

The Ocoee Fire Department (stations 25, 26, 38 and 39) reported 361 calls for assistance from Feb. 25 to March 16:

Fires: 10

EMS: 242

Vehicle accidents: 26

Hazardous materials/conditions: 5

Public service: 63

False alarms: 15

Other: 0


Ocoee Police

The Ocoee Police Department reported 727 calls for service from Feb. 25 to March 9:

Arrests (adult): 21

Arrests (juvenile): 2

Assault/battery: 14

Burglaries (residential and business): 8

Burglaries (vehicle): 32

Child abuse: 7

Criminal mischief: 9

Drug violations: 5

DUI: 3

Homicide/death investigations: 0

Robberies: 0

Sexual offenses: 1

Thefts: 17

Vehicle accidents: 57

Vehicle thefts: 0

Missing/endangered adults: 1

Missing/runaway juveniles: 1


Winter Garden Fire

The Winter Garden Fire Department (stations 22, 23 and 24) reported 173 calls for assistance from Feb. 21 to March 5:

Fires: 10

EMS: 125

Vehicle accidents: 9

Automatic fire alarms: 12

Public assistance: 2

Hazardous conditions: 4

Calls for service: 11


Winter Garden Police

The Winter Garden Police Department reported 1,131 calls for service from Feb. 18 to March 2:

Arrests (adult): 36

Arrests (juvenile): 9

Assault/battery: 18

Burglaries (residential and business): 5

Burglaries (vehicle): 31

Child abuse: 0

Criminal mischief: 4

Drug violations: 8

DUI: 7

Robberies: 0

Sexual assault/battery: 0

Thefts: 13

Vehicle accidents: 53

Vehicle thefts: 1

Missing/runaway adults: 0

Missing/runaway juveniles: 1

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