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West Orange Times & Observer Tuesday, May 23, 2017 3 years ago


One teenager thought it would be OK to start a fire in the middle of a burn ban and one woman tried stealing more than $2,000 worth of clothes.
by: Gabby Baquero News Editor


May 3, 13501 block of West Colonial Drive. Around noon, an officer responded to a WaWa in response to a shoplifting complaint. Upon arrival, the officer was informed a male had walked in through the rear door, headed toward the beer refrigerator, grabbed an 18-pack case of Corona Extra amounting to $21,99, and then exited through the rear door. An employee working the cash register had witnessed the incident, as well as an employee located outside the store. The man was caught and arrested by assisting officers while riding a bicycle, and he was positively identified by one of the employees as the suspected shoplifter. The stolen case of Corona was recovered.

May 3, 13251 block of Daniels Road. Around 4:40 p.m., an officer patrolling The Grove shopping plaza noticed a woman running out of a Victoria Secret store while holding a large bundle of clothes against her chest. The woman, after passing the Bath and Body Works store, then dropped the clothes in the middle of the street. The officer intercepted the woman at the Winter Garden Mall security office and engaged in a foot pursuit of the woman through the parking lot and finally caught up to her near Five Guys, where she was handcuffed. A Victoria’s Secret employee informed the officer the woman had been seen walking in the store in a rush, scooping up all the clothing from the front table, and then making her way to the back area of the store where she took numerous tank tops. She then ran out of the store with merchandise amounting $2,077.55. The woman was charged with Grand Theft in the third degree.


May 6, North Clarke Road. Around two in the morning, an officer was dispatched to a location near the intersection of Clarke and New Victor Road in reference to two white males seen starting a fire on the side of the road. When the officer arrived he saw both males lying on the ground next to a small pile of brush that was on fire and could’ve caused the Spring Lake area to catch fire as well. Upon being questioned, both males said they had just left a bar and did not want to go back home. The officer tried putting out the fire but did not succeed, so the officer called in the fire department to help. The fire department extinguished the fire. One of the males confirmed he had started the fire. The officer asked if he was aware of the Orange County’s burn ban. The male laughed and replied, “Yea, what are you going to arrest me for starting a (expletive) fire?” The male was arrested.


May 6, Main Street. Around 2 a.m., an officer driving down Oakdale Street toward Sixth Avenue saw a car speeding toward a roundabout. The car suddenly stopped in the middle of the roundabout and stayed there until the officer pulled up behind the vehicle. The vehicle then continued driving northbound toward Ocoee. The driving pattern exhibited alerted the officer that something may be wrong, so the officer initiated a traffic stop. The female driver held out her phone, telling the officer she was lost. The officer asked for her license and registration, but the driver continually passed over the registration document until the officer pointed it out to her. The officer asked her to exit the vehicle in an attempt to conduct a DUI investigation. However, the driver tried negotiating with the officer. The officer placed her under arrest and conducted a search, but the driver attempted to grab the officer’s hands as the officer tried removing items from the driver’s pockets. While being transported to a DUI testing facility, the woman called the officer a racist for playing Spanish music on the radio. The woman’s breath samples resulted in readings of 0.231 and 0.217.


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