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West Orange Times & Observer Monday, Jul. 10, 2017 3 years ago


One Winter Garden man feigned unconsciousness after slamming his body around a police car and an Ocoee man tried stealing more than $200 worth of electronics.
by: Gabby Baquero News Editor


June 17, Park Avenue. Around 9:40 a.m., an officer responded to a call about a car crash with injuries on Park Avenue and West Colonial Drive. Witnesses informed the officer the male driver of the at-fault vehicle fled the area on foot and provided his physical description. The officer located a man fitting witnesses’ description hiding in the rear patio of a residential home. The man was secured in handcuffs and transported to the scene of the car crash where he was positively identified by witnesses. During transport to the Orange County Jail, the man began yelling and striking his head against the safety divider while slamming his body around the prisoner compartment of the police car. The man suddenly slumped over in his seat and become unresponsive, causing the officer request additional officers and request a paramedic. However, once medical personnel evaluated the man, officers realized the man was only pretending to be unconscious.

June 18, 1202 block of West Pointe Villas Boulevard. Around 6:40 p.m., officers responded to a clubhouse in reference to a call about a possible drug violation. The complainant advised a female was sitting in the pool area with her head between her legs and believed she had just been using drugs. Upon arrival, officers noticed the woman was still sitting with her head tucked between her legs. The woman told police she did not live in the apartment complex and was just visiting a friend. The woman then provided a false name, according to an officer who was familiar with the woman from previous interactions. Upon obtaining her real name, dispatch advised the woman had two active arrest warrants. Upon her arrest, officers found in her possession a small, zippered pouch containing several IDs, vehicle registrations, passports and vehicle titles, as well as a spiral notebook with various credit card numbers.


June 16, 10500 block of West Colonial Drive. Around noon, an officer received a call about a suspicious person at a supermarket. Upon arrival, the officer was informed by a store employee suspected a man inside was concealing store merchandise on his person. The employee stated he also saw the man eating food he had selected from the shelves. The man was detained on account of the employee’s statements and questioned. It was discovered the man had been concealing two drills and a Mi Box Android TV in his backpack. The total value of the stolen items was $211.44.


June 13, 16131 block of West Colonial Drive. A gas station manager notified local law enforcement that while doing his daily paperwork, he noticed the store was short $202.47. He informed the officer he then reviewed video footage and saw a female cashier open a cash register and place money inside the top of her shirt. The cashier then met a man and gave him the money in her shirt. The officer then questioned the cashier seen in the video. When asked about the incident, the cashier said the man she gave the money to was an associate but declined to provide his name as she did not want to get him involved. When asked what she meant by “associate,” the cashier shrugged her shoulders and did not answer. The woman was not arrested but the gas station will be pressing charges.


June 16, Rosser Road. A quarter after midnight, a police officer encountered a vehicle located within the Rosser Reserve construction area, despite the two ‘No Trespassing’ signs located on the property. After approaching the car, the officer found it occupied by two men. The officer detected the odor of marijuana and searched the car. The officer found a small pill in the driver seat, several containers with marijuana amounting to 46 grams, and a loaded handgun on the passenger side floor board. The man informed officers they found the gun at a Steak and Shake. Neither man had a concealed weapons permit and one man informed the officer he was selling marijuana to make money while he is in college.


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