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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010 7 years ago

Democrat Party smack down

Stephen M. Jepson witnessed the actual hit-and-run of the Democrat Party today
by: Chris Jepson Staff Writer

To: America

From: Witness

Re: Democrat Party smack down

Oviedo, Fla. — Smack down in Florida. Central Florida artist Stephen M. Jepson witnessed the actual hit-and-run of the Democrat Party today in Oviedo, the former celery growing capital of the world.

Jepson was visiting his brother Christopher Robin Jepson at his spacious suburban home and they both heard the collision while on the back porch discussing Mr. Stephen M. Jepson's proposal to teach at Esalen, in Big Sur, Calif. Startled, both men jumped, setting the nearby chickens to clucking. "That sounded like a collision with reality," remarked Chris.

They rushed with concern to the front lawn only to see the Democrats caught under the wheel of bad fortune. The problematic, tragic image you see in "Democrats Demise Part I" is only surpassed by the difficult to gaze upon Dem' Party Parts in "Democrats Demise Part II."

In both photos, Stephen, noted creative genius and Alfred University patriot, demonstrated alarm mixed with relief that reconstructive surgery today works such wonders. Bending over to offer American Red Cross-approved emergency assistance, he heard the broken-up body cryptically mumble, "The horror. The horror." Stephen was too moved to offer additional comment.

Triage was forthcoming. Consultants arrived and passed out business cards. A small crowd gathered, chorus-like, weeping, wailing, "How did it come to this?" Tears were reported.

The Jepson Brothers looked sadly upon the scene and returned forthwith to their Guinnesses.

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