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West Orange Times & Observer Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014 4 years ago

Foundation Academy football coach suspended following fight


An assistant coach for the Foundation Academy varsity football team has been suspended following a fight between Foundation players and those representing their Friday night opponent, Trinity Preparatory School, in Winter Park.

According to a press release issued by Foundation, the incident took place following  the completion of the Oct. 24 football game. After the contest, held at Trinity, a small group of Foundation athletes removed a paper spirit banner. A large group of Trinity Prep players rushed the Foundation students.

Additional members of the Foundation squad came to the defense of their teammates. The players were separated by coaches and parents from both teams, as well as law-enforcement personnel on-hand for the game. No serious injuries were reported, the report stated.

There have been allegations made that a coach from each team struck a player from the opposing team during the incident. The officers took statements and are investigating the matter.

Foundation is fully cooperating in the investigation, the report stated.

The accused assistant coach was suspended immediately from further team activities, pending the outcome of the investigation. In addition, an internal investigation is being conducted to determine what roles the Foundation coaching staff, players and parents had in the precipitation and resolution of the incident. Disciplinary action appropriate to the actions will be addressed by senior administration of the school.

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