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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Monday, May. 14, 2012 5 years ago

Introduction blog

Let's do a LOCAL, DAILY blog. This is supposed to be about US, our LOCAL community, so I'm going to need YOUR help.
by: Clyde Moore

Let’s do something FUN . . . . UNIQUE, Winter Park.

I started my first new weekly column in the Winter Park Maitland Observer a few weeks ago with ‘HELLO . . . Winter Park’. And already something new.

FIRST . . . a big ‘THANK YOU’ to the wonderful ladies at the paper. You’re easy to work with, open to hearing ideas. I HOPE to live up to any expectations you have for these efforts, APPRECIATE your willingness to give new ideas a try.

I started with my website last summer. The ideas behind it are mostly simple . . . . do something positive for community, help small businesses as I can, FOCUS on LOCAL. When I’m asked ‘why’ the easiest answer is because I live here. The longer answer is because I LUV it, want to see in good times and bad a vibrant and interesting atmosphere around me. My site is FREE to any businesses within 5 miles of any part of Park Avenue. Want to market a promotion or deal? Let me help. In addition to my e-mail, facebook, Twitter and other distributions, you’ll also now appear HERE, in this blog. I want to help you promote your business for FREE . . . and as a follow-up I want to help it save money. (Follow this space for more on how to do that by SUPPORTING Local!)

As a daily segment on this site my own experiences and efforts will be included. BUT, I hope and want for the focus here to be on YOU, our community, on all the things which go on here, new attention, deserve exposure.

So . . . . I’m hopeful to have eyes and ears and cameras on cell phones and more on the ground all around. Whether an individual or a LOCAL business, I want YOUR input.

A few regular segments I’m considering . . . .

THE COOLEST THING I’VE SEEN TODAY and LUV! – Goal . . . find something unique, fun and / or cool at a LOCAL business. Send me your suggestions. Get involved by sharing what YOU have seen and LUVed!

THIS is sooooooooo Winter Park! – Goal . . . show me and let’s spotlight the peacocks, owls, brick and other items or displays etc. you find and take note of. If you haven’t noticed, yeah, we’re crazy about our peacocks! And I tend to get excited over anything that celebrates the area. SHARE what YOU have seen!

It’s a NAME Thing! – Goal . . . I’d like to highlight the merchandise being sold in LOCAL businesses which has a LOCAL community name on it . . . Winter Park, College Park, Casselberry, Baldwin Park, Maitland. . . Orlando! . . . . again, ANY town or community within 5 miles of any part of Park Avenue.

YOU Do The Review! – Goal . . . Let’s celebrate exceptional experiences at LOCAL businesses. Complaining about the not so great is easy . . . . Let’s put the spotlight on the POSITIVE . . . and I’ll bet we get even more of it!

New LOCAL Discoveries! – Goal . . . Been thinking of checking out a new business, doing it for the first time and wondering why the heck it took you so long? LUV it . . . Let’s share! Someone else has likely been waiting as well. Let’s celebrate and give them a nudge!

LOCAL Biz LUV ‘n Another LOCAL Biz! – Goal . . . LOCAL businesses are ALSO customers of, supporters of other LOCAL businesses. Let’s spotlight how one business uses others in our community. It goes on every day all around us. This is a big part operating LOCALly . . . . let’s spotlight examples!

Give A Dog A Home! – Goal . . . . I LUV that so many in Winter Park LUV dogs. Our three are the center of our world and my life would not be complete without them. I want to spotlight one LOCAL pet needing a new home each day. Rescue groups . . . . Here I am! Pet Rescue by Judy will be included here A LOT! Judy Sarullo should be SAINTED!

And, well . . . . who knows what else! This is the first day. Got ideas? Feedback?

When you have an idea or suggestion for one of the topics or anything else . . . . please e-mail it to [email protected] . . . . BLOG: _ (the subject or idea following).

OR . . . . Wednesdays through Saturdays, stop by and visit me in THE ATTIC @ Downeast (upstairs @ 130 N. Park Avenue) and tell me in person. I’d LUV to meet you!

I believe we CAN make this fun, informative, and beneficial. I’m quite sure of it. And HAPPY now to get it fully underway!

THANKS MUCH! (In the future I will TRY to use fewer exclamation points!)

A few shout outs today . . . . THANKS to ‘Blooms of Winter Park’ for helping to set up flowers for Mother’s Day for my own mother in North Carolina. She LUVed them! THANKS, MaryAnn and crew! They are LOCALLY owned and operated and a pleasure to deal with!

A friend of mine is now representing a number of health products, also does kettlebell training. This weekend she brought in a bar of ‘organic chocolate’. It was great! THANKS, Adrienne. If you’re interested in such items, check her out at

On that chocolate topic, THANKS, Peterbrooke Chocolatier of Winter Park. Seems I was a winner of one of their contests. Jami & Kevin are as much a Winter Park treasure as their delightful business! THANKS, Peterbrooke!

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