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IronDAD: The four-minute workout
West Orange Times & Observer Wednesday, May 20, 2015 4 years ago

IronDAD: Working out can be child’s play

by: Cory Warren

We all want to look good. 

Is that one of the main reasons you work out? 

As a busy parent, I find that my time to work out must be scheduled in specific windows. I have plenty of reasons for working out. I want my kids to see me as a positive role model; I want to make sure I live a long healthy life to be there for them; and I want to be an active, fit dad who can take care of his family. 

A few muscles here and there are definitely not a bad thing!

In addition to all of the reasons listed above, one of the most important things that I did not mention is the pure joy I get from being able to play with my kids. They have a ton of energy, and my family loves to go to our local playground to get some of it out before bed. Being able to play with them is a gift, and working out and staying active enables me to do that. 

See, we work out for life. We work out to be alive, and we take good care of our bodies through diet, fitness and activity, so we can remain alive and active. 

The next time you are at the playground with your kids, look at the monkey bars, fire pole and swings differently. Instead of sitting on the bench texting or checking your email, get a little sweaty. 

Go play with them! 

The surprise on their face when you start chasing them around or when you hop on the swing next to them will be all the reward you need. 

Make it a regular thing, and before you know it, you will be swinging on the monkey bars like you did when you were a kid! Use the monkey bars to do a pull-up. Or if you can’t yet do a pull-up, just try! Engage your core when you are swinging with your kids on the swing. Step up and down on the steps to make a StairMaster out of it. Play a game of tag. 

If you flip the way you play on your next playground excursion, you will find that you and the kids are all tuckered out equally … and you’ll all be more fit, too!

Want to see IronDAD’s version of the Ultimate Playground Workout? Visit and search the blog for “playground workout” for some motivation and entertainment.

Cory Warren is a West Orange husband, father of three, vegan triathlete and ironman. His blog, Real IronDAD, is a lifestyle blog about food, family and fun that helps passionate people, mostly parents, who have over-scheduled, busy lives maintain a healthy balance of plant-based nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. Visit him online at and follow him as “realirondad” on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram. 

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