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West Orange Times & Observer Friday, Aug. 19, 2022 1 month ago

Jake of All Trades creates new community group 'Bridge The Gap'

The Facebook group, formed from sister group "Jake's Small Business Alliance," connects homeowners with high quality professionals, free of charge.
by: Annabelle Sikes Staff Writer

Ocoee resident Jake McKenna is continuing his mission of positively connecting people in the community with the creation of his new group, "Bridge The Gap."

The Facebook group, created only last week, already sports over 300 members and aims to connect homeowners with high quality professionals, all free of charge. 

McKenna, known for his handyman business "Jake of All Trades," said his idea for the group stemmed from the overwhelming reaction he has received from community members after his launch of the "Jake's Small Businesses Alliance" group, which we told you about here. 

Since its inception in April, the business alliance group rapidly grew to host more than 500 members. 

The group comprises highly rated business owners who are dedicated to improving the quality of service in the community. 

“We intend to bridge the gap between homeowners and service providers, build bonds between our businesses, and help struggling homeowners who have been victims of bad business practices,” McKenna said. 

McKenna said he thought it would be an important step to give potential clients a direct link to the highly recommended group members from Jake's Small Business Alliance with the use of Bridge The Gap. 

"Since the recent outpouring of support for Jake's Small Business Alliance and it's business owner members, we wanted to do more for the community than just a private group for ourselves to benefit from," McKenna shared. "Other than the occasional charitable mission, we wanted to have a more permanent way to assist the community."

The creator said everyone is welcome to join the page and ask the alliance experts for assistance, advice and recommendations. McKenna explained the small business professionals who carry an expert badge in the group also carry one in the alliance group and represent that homeowners may find peace of mind in knowing their license status and ratings have been reviewed by the administrative team. 

However, McKenna clarified the group is not for introductions, ads, promotions, or any other type of advertising. 

"The trust between business and client is built on the backbone of accountability," McKenna shared. "And the Bridge The Gap experts are held to a unique standard to provide better service than the current industry standard."

Those who wish to learn more information about the group or join, can click here. 

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