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Mike Thomas, left, and Mike Dabby, right, will face off in Maitland City Council election in March.
Winter Park / Maitland Observer Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2016 3 years ago

Juvenile suspect arrested for Winter Park homicide

Homicide suspect in custody
by: Tim Freed Managing Editor

A juvenile suspect has been arrested in connection with the first homicide case Winter Park has seen in two and a half years.

Winter Park Police apprehended the juvenile suspect last month in connection with a shooting that killed two males on Feb. 17 at the corner of Comstock and Capen avenues.

The suspect’s identity and age have not been revealed yet due to a court order, though the potential shooter is facing a charge of one count of first degree homicide.

“The case has been sealed by a judge, so we can’t reveal anything,” said Lt. Pam Marcum of the Winter Park Police Department, adding that the suspect has not yet been tried by the State Attorney’s Office.

Last month’s incident marks the first homicide case in Winter Park since 29-year-old Patrick Taft Jackson was shot and killed in June 2013 during a home invasion burglary off of Loren Avenue.

Before then Winter Park hadn’t seen a homicide charge since 2006. A shooting death in 2008 was later determined to be self-defense.

“It’s an isolated incident,” Marcum told the media last month. “We don’t like to experience this obviously and the public doesn’t like to hear this happening, but unfortunately since this happened we have to come out here and take care of the situation.”

The two victims of the Feb. 17 shooting were identified as Frank Freeman, 46, and Jordan Ingram, 24.

“I’m not angry, I’m just hurt,” Freeman’s mother, Mary, told News 6.

“I really didn’t know what happened, but now I’m glad somebody is going to have to pay for it.”

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