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Baldwin Park Living Friday, Apr. 1, 2022 1 month ago

Kacey Kares Pet Services starts new company

Pet Free Showings offers on-demand dog walking services to Realtors, homeowners and sellers.
by: Annabelle Sikes Staff Writer

Anyone with a furry friend in Baldwin Park knows the name Kacey Kelly. 

Kelly, 29, has lived in Baldwin Park for seven years and has served the community and beyond with her pet concierge business, Kacey Kares Pet Services since 2017 as an LLC, although she started two years prior as a side business. 

She stumbled upon Baldwin Park by accident. However, since she moved to the Sunshine State from New York, Baldwin is the first place that feels like home.

“It’s the first place that I’ve moved since leaving New York that felt like a community to me,” she says. “There are so many dogs here; it’s like a dream come true.”

Now, Kelly is capitalizing on her skills and passion for people and their pets with the creation of her new company, Pet Free Showings.

Pet Free Showings offers on-demand dog walking services to Realtors, homeowners and sellers.

The concept is simple. Customers call Pet Free Showings, and the company will pick up pets from clients homes so the client can complete a successful showing or open house without the stress of a pet. 

Kelly explains there are many benefits of the business for Realtors and homeowners to consider. 

In the United States, 30% of the population suffers from pet-related allergic reactions. Sellers can avoid severe allergic reactions they may not know potential buyers have. 

Sellers also can avoid safety and liability issues. Showings can be stressful to pets that may be protective of their home, which can lead to disruptive barking, growing or aggressive behavior.

In addition, not everyone is an animal lover. Certain smells can be off putting such as poor animal hygiene or post marking odors. 

“I have a lot of clients now who are Realtors, and they have expressed to me that it’s hard to sell a house when there are animals around,” Kelly says. “My original business opened up another avenue I really wanted to tap into.”

Since opening, Kelly already has served clients from several companies, including Fannie Hillman and Keller Williams. 

The agents have discussed having Kelly come into their business meetings to discuss her services.

Kelly says she wants the new business to alleviate stress and pressure from her clients, because she understands the value of those relationships.

“I always want to go above and beyond for my clients, because I am so grateful for them,” she says. “I’ve made so many relationships through it, so they’re also my friends.”

Some of the dog lover’s clients have even gone so far as to ask Kelly to travel to Santa Monica or Napa Valley to have her care for their pets. 

“It all starts with their animal and they just want someone to love their animal the way they would,” she says. 

In the future, Kelly says she would love to create an app for the Pet Free Showings services. 

She says she would want to hire subcontractors from across the United States to show up for any local sellers in their area and hopefully bring a new opportunity to other dog walking businesses, as well. 

She also would love to donate a portion of the proceeds back to a rescue organization if someone uses her services.


Growing up as an only child and as someone with a lot of health struggles, Kacey Kelly often found herself isolated.

However, her three childhood dogs always encouraged her to look on the bright side. 

“I never felt completely alone,” she says. “You really don’t realize how much they give to you. There’s nothing better than unconditional love.”

Although Kacey Kares started as an accident, Kelly now serves 400 to 500 clients locally and has 11 other employees who work under her to help with the taxi, boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, cat care and more. 

She and her employees pride themselves on being self-motivated, punctual, trustworthy and enthusiastic. 

The business has also taken on other animals including guinea pigs, crawfish, lizards and parrots.

“A lot of people assume dog walking is easy, but it’s actually a pretty tough job that’s very taxing on your mind and body,” Kelly says. “However, I know that no matter what business it is I’m working on, it will always be super important to me, and I will always do my best at the end of the day to make sure that I’m doing the right thing for my customers and their pets.”


Phone: (407) 376-7043

Email: [email protected]

Website: Click here

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