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LETTER: Ocoee: Beware of coyotes, bears
West Orange Times & Observer Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014 5 years ago

LETTER: Webster represents young Floridians


Dear Editor:

Politicians on both sides of the aisle talk about outreach to the young Floridians in my generation, asking us to be involved with their campaigns, to understand the issues of the day, and, most importantly, to get out the vote for themselves and their party.

But in what ways have they served us?

My congressman, U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster, is a perfect example of how to sincerely serve the interests of young Floridians instead of giving us lip service.

During his time in Washington, he voluntarily rolled back his salary to 2008 levels, returned $1.25 million from his congressional office budget to the Treasury to pay down the debt, and cosponsored more than 150 bipartisan pieces of legislation.

My point is this: Our congressman has done a great job pursuing meaningful solutions for my generation, while embodying the philosophy of principled “servant leadership” instead of looking to accumulate power in government.

Young Floridians don’t need talking heads. We need examples and leaders to follow.

Thank you, U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster, for being an example and pursuing real world solutions to the problems that face my generation and the problems that affect all of us.

Brian T. Empric

vice chairman, Florida Federation of Young Republicans

president, Orange County Young Republicans

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