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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014 3 years ago

Letters to the Editor

Applause for Cooper, Sprinkel; Controversy over cameras

Applause for Cooper, Sprinkel

The Green Oaks Neighborhood Association was pleased to host commissioners Carolyn Cooper and Sarah Sprinkel on July 16 for a forum about recent developments in Winter Park. Commissioners Cooper and Sprinkel spoke to an audience of 64 residents about a variety of topics including changes to the Comprehensive Plan, density, minor league baseball, a visioning process, and gateways into Winter Park. The exchange represented the best of our community. Both commissioners gave detailed answers and stayed after the forum was over to address additional questions. The conversation was cordial and constructive. The Board would like to thank commissioners Cooper and Sprinkel for taking the time to meet with our association and other members of the community. Our association is going to extend a similar invitation to commissioners Tom McMacken and Steven Leary, and Mayor Ken Bradley.


Lawrence Lyman


Green Oaks Neighborhood Association

Winter Park

Tear down those cameras

Dear Mayor and Commissioners,

In early 2012, shortly after he won re-election and installed the Park Avenue government surveillance cameras, Mayor Bradley declared to the Winter Park - Maitland Observer, "The cameras are like lights. They help keep us safe."

Let's see how that worked:

According to the crime statistics, comparing 2011 (pre-Park Avenue government surveillance cameras) and 2012 (post-government surveillance cameras), assaults in Winter Park increased by 24 percent, burglaries increased by 70 percent, thefts increased by 21 percent, and auto theft increased by 38 percent.

To use a baseball analogy Commissioners, is it nearing time for Winter Park voters to send Mayor Bradley "back to the minors?" Or does the coach just need to go out to the mound to settle him down and give him a pep talk? In any case... I told you over two years ago at your March 2012 City Commission meeting:

"Mr. Mayor, Commissioners, tear down these cameras!”


Paul Vonder Heide

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