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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012 9 years ago

Letters to the Editor: Vote for Ken Bradley

Ken Bradley has kept our tax rates low and balanced our city budget without sacrificing our essential services.

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Cheers to Bradley

My congratulations to Ken Bradley, our sitting mayor, on two excellent debate presentations. Clearly his understanding of the issues, demonstration of his accomplishments while in office and ability to communicate to the citizens and listen to the needs of the city were well demonstrated. I appreciate his dedication to the city and the financial responsibility he has spearheaded. It is refreshing to have the city again run as a business coupled with it meeting the needs of the citizens. Thank you!

—Marc Hagle

Winter Park

Bradley is clear choice

The city of Winter Park is much better today than it was three years ago. All you need to do is take a look at the vibrancy of our downtown village to know that in spite of very challenging times our wonderful community has managed to thrive and prosper. We have been fortunate to have the leadership of Ken Bradley, a very qualified and capable mayor who has guided us from a very precarious financial situation three years ago to increasing our city's reserves by $5.8 million. More importantly, Ken Bradley has kept our tax rates low and balanced our city budget without sacrificing our essential services. Our crime rates and traffic accidents are down and our fire, police and parks departments are all nationally accredited.

Ken is also committed to hearing from the community. In order to accommodate more citizen input in December of 2009, Ken implemented a designated period of time so that citizens have an equal time of three minutes to address the City Commission about their concerns. This has provided a consistent window for citizens to voice their concerns and arrange their schedules accordingly.

Ken's leadership has attracted national headquarters such as Ruth's Hospitality Group, parent company of Ruth Chris Steakhouse to relocate to Winter Park. Our downtown vacancy rates have gone from 18 percent when he took office to 4 percent in our central business district. No small feat in such challenging economic times. Under his leadership, the city of Winter Park has worked hard to preserve and refresh our beloved Central Park. Ken Bradley has staunchly maintained and championed the charm, heritage and architecture of our beloved city. Without a doubt our city is better today than it was three years ago!

However, Ken Bradley's work is not finished and he needs your vote and our help to keep Winter Park vibrant, fiscally sound and economically vibrant. Ken has a clear vision for the future of Winter Park. His desire for the future includes increasing the number of jobs in Winter Park and reducing our unemployment rate by half. As the CEO of Winter Park Memorial Hospital he has created more than 700 jobs in the past 11 years and possesses the business acumen and job creation experience that is needed to achieve these goals. He will continue to fight to keep our tax rates low and our city budget balanced. Ken Bradley successfully manages budgets totaling more than $300 million for Winter Park Hospital and the city of Winter Park on a daily basis. There is no one else more qualified to lead our city than Ken Bradley.

On Jan. 31 you will be asked to cast your vote for the mayor of Winter Park. It is our hope as former mayors, residents and concerned citizens that you will cast your vote for Ken Bradley for mayor of Winter Park.

—Dave Johnston, Gary Brewer, Joe Terranova, Kip Marchman, Dan Hunter, Allen Trovillion

Former Winter Park mayors

A new way to date in the new year

If you’re tired of bad blind dates and striking out on, why not make a change for 2012? Make the New Year a new you with a new way to date.

DinnerDate is unlike traditional dating websites. Using a more natural way of meeting people, DinnerDate allows local singles to meet for dinner at popular Orlando restaurants in a secure group setting of 6-12 people. It is an easy way to meet new people in a comfortable, safe setting. Founded by the CEO of Planet Hollywood, Robert Earl, the new dating website launched locally the first week of January in our City Beautiful.

DinnerDate brings to the forefront the real-life offline connection, without the keyboards and screens, while blending with contemporary online techniques for communicating once a connection was made over dinner.

Marrying the technology of online dating services with the real-world benefits of group activities, DinnerDate helps alleviate the stress and anxiety of one-on-one dates and the safety concerns of online dating. Get your recently single friends back in the game by introducing them to comfortable, safe dinner with other 30-somethings looking for a real connection.

All daters have to do is simply book a seat at the group table and come to the meal ready to enjoy good food and conversation with other singles. Daters can also bring a friend on a DinnerDate with them. Then, if daters connect with someone at the meal, they can return to the website to message each other and exchange details.

“The thing that people seem to like best about this concept, besides the whole law of averages, is the fact that if all else goes wrong and you don’t find a match, you still wind up having a good evening out with new interesting people,” Earl said. “And since everyone pays for themselves, there are no awkward ‘who pays’ moments.”

DinnerDate has no monthly fees. Users simply sign up for the dinner that most appeals to them and pay for their three-course meal and a small processing fee. Dinners are budget friendly and themed by age group, sexual orientation and interests, like single parents or newly single. Participants view profiles and pictures of the people they will be dining with before they sign up and can send private messages after the date to reconnect and plan future dates.

“Orlando is a melting pot of singles looking to meet someone who shares their same interest,” said Andrew Connell, executive V.P. of Planet Hollywood and president of DinnerDate, who was previously Nokia’s Global VP Online. “Many single peoples’ new year’s resolutions are to get out and give dating another try, so DinnerDate will offer nightly events with an array of themes. This gives the opportunity to get to know one another and find real chemistry in a casual environment while dining on a delicious dinner.”

All restaurants are local to Orlando. DinnerDate is helping to boost the industry by guaranteeing a table full of meals on normally quieter weekday nights. It’s a win-win situation.

Some Winter Park Dinner Dates include:

Saturday, Jan. 28, at 7:30 p.m. – 20s to 30s at Hot Olives in Winter Park

Monday, Jan 23, at 7:30 pm. – 40s to 50s at RanGetsu in Winter Park

Other participating restaurants include Park Plaza Gardens, Funky Monkey, Nick's Italian, Prickly Pear, Bananas, Ceviche, Vito's Chophouse, Charley's Steakhouse, Johnnie's Hideaway, Big Fin, City Fire, and Crave — and more are joining every day.

Visit for more information.

—Tyger Danger

Winter Park

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