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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Thursday, Mar. 4, 2010 7 years ago

Maitland City Talk

Running with the Dommerich Chiefs!

Running with the Dommerich Chiefs!

This past Saturday, my daughter, Kaley, and I had the honor of attending the second annual Chiefs on the Run 5k and Dommerich Dash. This was a community event organized by volunteers and teachers of Dommerich Elementary School. "Chief" organizer, Susan Boucher, can be very proud of the success of the event.

Dave Cocchiarella of Central Florida News 13 presided over the event. We always knew he was cool, but the weather made all of us downright cold.

The brisk morning was incredibly exciting and began with the hustle and bustle of runners getting tagged and stretching for the event. The event kicked off with a group of young ladies (fifth-grade students from Dommerich Elementary) singing the "Star Spangled Banner". They sang beautifully and energized the crowd.

Two races were planned as a part of the event. The 5k signature event, Chiefs on the Run 5k, which is 3.1 miles, and the "Dommerich Dash," a one-mile run. Not being a runner myself, I opted for the lesser one-mile dash, believing that I actually could compete since most of the runners were children.

Once stretched, all of the runners proceeded to the starting line with breathless anticipation of the competition that was about to begin.

Once across the finish line, runners consumed water, fruit, energy drinks and bars, or anything else they could get their hands on.

Congratulations to the following winners of the 5k event:

1st Place Overall: David Oyston

1st Place High School (3rd overall): Caleb Leedy

1st Place Middle School (4th overall): Sam Millson

1st Place Elementary School (10th Place overall): Wade Cuda

1st Place Teachers: Korey Bawden and Megan Goldman

Next up was the "Dommerich Dash." As it began to rain, I almost hoped for a cancellation of the "Kids Run," but knew in my heart that truly dedicated runners run rain or shine. So, I decided to brave it and proceeded to the starting gate. I was surrounded by kids half my size. After my stellar performance last year, I knew I had no chance. At least this year, I was prepared for my limitations.

When the gun sounded, I must not have been paying attention because by the time I took my first step, every single kid had passed me. I was last before I even got out of the gate. During the race, the kids began playing with me. They would run ahead, then stop and walk, giving me the impression that they were tired. Then when I ran past them, they would run by me again. Embarrassingly this went on the entire grueling mile.

Thanks to Jen Adams of Adams Videography for photographing the event despite the rain. Proceeds went to support the Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives of the school. Many thanks go out to the following sponsors and grant contributors including:

Gould & Associates

Cooper, Simms, Nelson & Mosley

Cox Radio-WMMO

Florida Hospital-Altamonte

The Law Offices of Jill S. Schwartz & Associates

RDV Sportsplex

Steaks at Home

Winter Park Observer

Track Shack Foundation

Galloway Foundation

In addition, thanks to the city of Maitland Police and Leisure Services for their assistance. Without all or our sponsors and partners, this event could not be the fun-filled, family-oriented success it is sure to be for years to come!

Meeting of the City Council

There will be a Maitland City Council meeting on Monday, March 8, at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers. Here's the meeting agenda:


I. Invocation

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Old Business – City Manager

IV. Public Hearing - None

V. Public Period

VI. Consent Agenda

Approve Council Minutes - February 22, 2010

Receive Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes – January 28, 2010 & February 4, 2010

VII. Council Decisions

Ordinance – Lakefront Protection

Petition No. 2010-01 (PCU) 635 N. Maitland Avenue Carlos A. Pacheco, PCKL Partnership, LLC

Termination of Town Center Developers Agreement (Maitland Property Owner, LLC) – Requested by Councilman Bonus

Retain Legal Services for EPA Response

VIII. Discussion

City Policy - Continuing Services Contracts – Requested by Councilman Bonus

Red Light Cameras – Requested by Councilman Bonus

Endorsement of Candidates by Not for Profit Organizations – Requested by Councilman Bonus

Extend Public Hearing Date - Petition No. 2009-01 (PCU) - New Hope for Kids

IX. City Manager's Report/Council Reports

X. Adjournment

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