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Baldwin Park Living Friday, Jan. 7, 2022 7 months ago

New year, you plans

We asked, you answered! Baldwin Park residents share their New Year’s Resolutions.
by: Annabelle Sikes Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again — when families come together and relatives ask their nosey questions. When are you getting married? When are you graduating? How old are the kids now? What’s your New Year’s resolution? 

The tradition of New Year’s resolutions began decades ago, most common in the western parts of the world but also found in the eastern areas. 

With a New Year’s resolution, a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behavior, accomplish a personal goal, or improve their lifestyle at the beginning of the New Year. 

We talked to residents across the Baldwin Park community including businesses and schools. 



Baldwin Park residents New Year’s resolutions

“My New Year’s resolution is to finally put myself first and do things that will put me where I want to be in life.”

— Bella Drew, CVS

“We would love to have our location renovated and add in a milkshake machine to bring more customers in.”

— Justin Kennedy, James Mclamb, Joshua Rolle, Travis Kelly, Brandon Rodriguez and Darnell Daniels, Five Guys

“I want to spread the good word of holistic health and remove the stigma of how CBD is portrayed.”

— Esmeralda Updegraph, Your CBD Store

“I want to be more involved with the people of Baldwin Park and give great advice on skincare.”

— DeAngela Nicole, Stonecrop Skin Boutique

“I want to be more consistent with going to the gym and living a healthy lifestyle.”

— Luis Torres, Publix


Baldwin Park Elementary Student 2022 Resolutions

“I want to learn Algebra, get straight A’s, be the best student and have an awesome summer!”

— Lily Townsend, 8, third grade

“I want to work on saving and investing my money and learn how to write poetry about food.”

— Jackson Fiske, 6, first grade

“I want to be a good leader and help others in my classroom.” 

— Jennifer Klein, 7, second grade

“I want to be healthy and level up in dance.”

— Ainsley Barrows, 9, fourth grade

“My resolution is to donate to charity and play football.”

—Walker Ballenger, 9, third grade

“I want to learn how to play tennis”

— Colin Hughes, 9, third grade

“I want to be nicer to my brother”

— Emma Fiore, 8, second grade

“My New Year’s Resolution is to recycle more, reuse and not waste.”

— Pierce Fiore, 10, fifth grade

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