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West Orange Times & Observer Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016 5 years ago

Ocoee streamlines fire protection assessment adoption process, approves allocation for reclaimed water service expansion

Ocoee simplified the annual adoption process for the fire protection assessment, canceled the next Code Enforcement Board meeting amid a controversial decision, and approved an allocation of $47,293 for expansion of the city's reclaimed water service.
by: Gabby Baquero News Editor

1. Proposed amendment to Fire Protection Assessments, Chapter 77

The second reading and public hearing for an ordinance to replace the existing language of Chapter 77: Fire Protection Assessments in the city's Code of Ordinances passed unanimously. The first reading was approved during the Oct. 18 City Commission meeting. Chapter 77 details how taxes for property owners who receive fire protection services are calculated, allocated and levied. However, the proposed, revised language only seeks to make minor modifications and does not make any substantial changes regarding how the tax is calculated and levied, but the aim of the adjustment is to simplify the annual adoption process by reducing the number of steps required by the City Commission. To achieve this, the language was written eliminate the preliminary rate resolution and replace it with a revised rate resolution. This speeds up the adoption process because it only needs to be adopted if the City Commission wishes to either change the Maximum Assessment Rate of the Applied Assessment Rate.

2. Expansion of reclaimed water service 

City Commissioners approved the city staff's recommendation to allocate $47,293.75 for a contract to expand the city's reclaimed water system. The construction will offer reclaimed water services to neighborhoods in the North part of the city, as well as neighborhoods currently under construction, such as Crowne Pointe Cove, The Preserve at Crown Point, Westyn Bay Commercial, Forest Lake Estates, Arden Park, Oak Trail Reserve and McCormick Reserve. This benefits the city because it preserves potable water by reducing its demand and decreasing the diversion of freshwater from sensitive ecosystems.

3. Name change and plat approval for Ocoee Pines subdivision

Commissioners unanimously approved the name change and preliminary plat for a subdivision located adjacent to the Forest Lake Golf Course on the north side of Clarcona-Ocoee Road and east of Adair Street. Formerly named Ocoee Pines, the developer sought to change the subdivision's name to Forest Lake Estates. The subdivision contains 278 single-family lots on approximately 101 acres. 


  • After the Code Enforcement Board meeting last Tuesday resulted in a decision that stood contrary to legal advice and led to the resignation of board member Michael Hopper, Ocoee commissioners suspended the board's next meeting in order to hold a hearing during the next regular commission meeting on Dec. 6. The meeting will see discussion on how to best handle the potential repercussions of the decision, whether or not to disband the board and replace it with a Special Magistrate, eliminate certain members of the board, or go through the legal process of appealing the board's problematic decision that sets what City Attorney Scott Cookson termed a "dangerous precedent."
  • Police Lieutenant Bill Wagner gave an update on the effective results of Ordinance 2015-012. In an effort to enhance public safety in gated communities, the police did research for solutions on how to access gated communities quickly during time-sensitive emergencies. In response, commissioners passed an ordinance that required the installation of a device allowing police quick access.  Eighteen existing gated communities have all come into compliance with the requirement and have been reimbursed for the device's installation.
  • The regular City Commission meeting scheduled November 15 has been canceled. The next meeting will be held Dec. 6, 2016.


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