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Thompson challenges Demings, Webster for U.S. House seat
West Orange Times & Observer Thursday, Jun. 5, 2014 5 years ago

Old Times 06.05.14


80 years ago

Three hundred friends and well-wishers gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Reaves of Beulah for an all-day celebration of this beloved pair’s golden wedding anniversary.

60 years ago

Pending final approval by the city council, arrangements are being completed for the construction of a Community Mausoleum in the recently beautified Winter Garden Cemetery. Mausoleums are imposing structures built for the burial of people above the ground — long the method of burial among nobility, families of wealth and national heroes such as Washington and Lincoln. This method of entombment has been in use since the Pyramids of Egypt…

40 years ago

The Orange County School Board awarded a $43.83 million contract for the construction of a new high school that will serve West Orange. It will replace the 10th, 11th and 12th grades of Ocoee and Lakeview high schools.

Dora Jackson was honored with a reception at Winter Garden Elementary School, where

she leaving after 24 years as secretary. She and her mother, Daisy Ray, and son, Donnie Jackson, all attended this school and her granddaughter, Julie, is now a fourth-generation student there.

35 years ago

To focus attention on the plight of the bald eagle and to raise funds for the Florida Audubon Society’s new birds of prey aviary, Doris Mager will sit on an abandoned eagle’s nest atop a 50-foot tree from June 14 ( Flag Day) until June 20, the day in 1792 when the bald eagle was proclaimed our national emblem.

25 years ago

From Little Leaguers to collegiate heroes, three local athletes represented their colleges in post-season NCAA and NAIA baseball tournaments. Mike Passilla of Notre Dame and Doug Anderson of the University of North Florida each pitched district championship games that earned berths in regional championships. Steve McClellan was also featured on cable television as first baseman for the UCF Knights at the NCAA regionals.

20 years ago

Former D-Day fighter Edwin Pounds of Ocoee is returning to Normandy after 50 years. By the time he flew two missions over the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, ground strafing and dive bombing the Germans, he was already a seasoned fighter pilot and owner of a Purple Heart. He first crossed the Atlantic spending 14 days in a British transport ship and is now headed back with his wife, Germaine, on the Queen Elizabeth II in more relaxed and comfortable circumstances.

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