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Old Times 10.29.15
West Orange Times & Observer Friday, Jul. 18, 2014 5 years ago

From Old Times 07.17.14


65 years ago

Bob Davis is proclaimed by his friends in Winter Garden a genius in the art of angling. While in Daytona Beach with his family he caught a 35-pound sea bass the thrill of his fishing experience. It was a whale of a fish, but some of the old-timers say it sounds a little fishy.

After July 25, all servicemen on furlough will get a gallon of gas a day, up to 30 days, rather than the five gallons flat allowed previously.

One of the best productions screened at the Winter Garden Theater and shown to a capacity house was “Show Business” produced by Eddie Cantor. Manager C.M.Biggers is to be congratulated in giving the theater-going public the best photo plays, features and news.

40 years ago

From Barbs & Bouquets by Don: Talking with a couple of progressive citizens from Clermont, we found we are in complete agreement that some town near the Disney complex will become a honky-tonk community. They expressed hope that it wouldn’t be Clermont but couldn’t care less if Winter Garden took the route. It is going to happen somewhere in our neighborhood and sooner than you think.

35 years ago

An overflow crowd of friends gathered at the Winter Garden Inn to express their love and respect for Carolyn T. Anderson, longtime Winter Garden resident. She has recently retired after 42 years as a teacher in Sumter, Lake and Orange county schools and more recently as a leader in the Head Start program in Oakland. Among the many guests who paid tribute to Mrs. Anderson were William and Juanita Maxey adding wit and wisdom and The Ten Commandments on How to Get Along With People.

25 years ago

Dorothy (Mrs. Johnny) Johnson of Winter Garden, who retired last year from IBM, has joined with three other former IBM employees to form Computer Trends International Inc. They bring together 93 years of experience in IBM equipment.

“They found two patches of hydrilla growing in the shallow water near the boat ramp at Seventh Avenue,” said Johnny Luff, town manager of Windermere. The EPA used a chemical pellet called Hyde-Out. There is now a “closed” sign at the boat ramp, and boaters must wait a week or two before using the ramp.

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