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Old Times 10.29.15
West Orange Times & Observer Thursday, Jul. 24, 2014 5 years ago

From Old Times 07.24.14


85 years ago

From a 1929 issue of The Winter Garden Journal: The game of horseshoes was introduced at Lakeview High School because, “It is a very interesting game to play for many reasons. First, because it is a clean game and everyone can play it. It is a good game to have at school because after one gets through playing, he isn’t hot and his nerves aren’t all torn up. When he goes to his class, he can put his mind on his work. But if he played a game of football, he would be hot and nervous and couldn’t study.” [From August 1969 issue: “We don’t think this was Vel Heckman’s idea.”]

80 years ago

President Franklin Roosevelt landed in Honolulu and reviewed 15,000 officers and men stationed there in what was said to be one of the most impressive military peacetime demonstrations in U.S. history.

President Paul von Hindenburg, of Germany, 87, field marshal of the German armies during the war,  died. Immediately, Adolf Hitler, chancellor, declared himself president.

40 years ago

The long ride is over for Jane Fulmer and Virginia Spigener, of Winter Garden. They are among seven young people from the Lutheran Camp, in Montverde, who completed a 136-mile bicycle trip around Central Florida while carrying their own bedrolls and food. They are among the increasing number of cross-country bikers who have found enjoyment in this simple mode of traveling. Not only is it good exercise, but also, it can save on gas. 

35 years ago

West Orange Lumber Co. in Oakland was sold but customers need not worry about any change in the quality of merchandise or service. Ward Britt Sr., who bought the company 23 years ago, has sold the building supply business to his son, Neil.

30 years ago

The West Orange Water Warriors finished in second place at the 1984 Red Lobster Invitational Meet, held at the West Orange YMCA. Special thanks for the event went to Meet Manager Bill Marshall,  his wife, Susie, and Coach Fred Tyler. Ten-and-under sensation Paul Heminger won silver medals in all his events; Furman University freshman Paige Winters and Lakeview ninth-grader Lianna Schuyten won individual high-point honors for their age groups.

25 years ago

Downtown Gotha might be an improbable location for such an “uptown” establishment as “Salon of the Lakes,” but owner James Crapps says that after some 14 years in the business, that’s just where he wants to be. A special claim to fame for James was the discovery of his expertise by Joan Lunden of ABC’s Good Morning America while filming at Walt Disney World. She didn’t have her own hairdresser with her, and James was asked to do her hair. After that, she flew him frequently to New York and offered him a job as her personal hairdresser for the TV show. In essence he said, “Thanks, but no thanks — I’m a Florida boy.”

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