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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Wednesday, Sep. 1, 2010 7 years ago


Recent news clearly demonstrates the dichotomy, nay, the hypocrisy, of Republican doublespeak.
by: Chris Jepson Staff Writer

Ah, sweet ironies of life. With a tip of the hat to Alanis Morissette, let’s all sing, “Isn’t it ironic … that the party of life … isn’t.” Again. I can’t hear you!

Republican values? What exactly are Republican values? Let’s rip off a few, shall we? 1. Always wrap yourself in the flag. This is a “Core Republican-Approved Premise” or CRAP. 2. Some of “us” aren’t. (Think brown-skinned Americans. CRAP). 3. Eliminate welfare, except for corporations (CRAP). 4. Subsidize war, not humanity (CRAP). 5. Green is our money, not Mother Earth (CRAP). 6. Life is sacred but humans are expendable (CRAP). 7. We’re all equal, but the rich are more valuable (CRAP).

Recent news clearly demonstrates the dichotomy, nay, the hypocrisy, of Republican doublespeak. Republicans are so egregious in their misrepresentation(s) of reality that I am reminded of George Orwell’s “1984.” In that seminal work, Orwell wrote, “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” These could be today’s Republican Party talking points. See also above list of Republican CRAP.

One of life’s richest ironies is that the non-regulation Republicans are known as the Party of Life. Here’s what gives me the giggles. “What! Regulate business!? Neveh! But go ahead, muzzle that woman.” Free business. Enslave women.

You legitimately ask, “What do you mean, Jepson, shackle women?”

If you restrict a woman’s right to own and determine for herself the use of her body, you are abridging no more fundamental a human right. Republicans, however, assert that from the time your daughter experiences menses to some 40 or so years later, when she experiences menopause, the government retains “some” rights to her body. That for some reason, because “she” is female, she is, from time to time, incapable of managing her own body. That is the bottom-line issue concerning reproductive choice.

Now for the irony. But Jepson, some suggest, “life” trumps its vessel. As if the vessel itself is not sacrosanct. So non-regulatory Republicans, the Party of Life, will regulate your daughters’ freedoms (her body) because life trumps everything else. They claim that it’s all about life being born. Yet…

The Party of Life is, in part, responsible for the lowest birthrate in 100 years in America. That’s right. Republican economic values (See above certified CRAP) are responsible for less life being born in America. Years of Republican mismanagement of the U.S. economy created the recession we are in. It’s the worst in generations. As a result, America’s women are not having babies — a personal, economic decision based directly on the anti-baby-making policies of the Republican Party (tax cuts for the wealthy, see above CRAP #7, grossly unbalanced budgets and the deregulation of markets).

The Republican recession/depression equals fewer babies born (lowest birthrate in 100 years). We’ve arrived at this national juncture as a result of Republican greed and years of economic mismanagement.

Republican values — bad for life.

Democrats need to stiffen their spines, their resolve, these next 70 campaign days. Calling the Party of Life — the Orwellian deceit it is — needs to ring forth over America, as a clarion call to fight, to oppose Limbaugh/Beck/Republican perfidy. Pass this fact on.

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