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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Wednesday, Mar. 2, 2011 6 years ago

Play On!

by: Louis Roney Staff Writer

That globalist hornet of a man George Soros surfaced some years ago as a leader in the “Hate America Movement” and has since greatly increased his profile with his organized and self-funded activities, both solo and in the numerous groups he has spawned.

On Dec. 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor, I enlisted in the Navy in Boston. I never doubted that we could demolish the Japanese once we set our mind to it. I believe that clever future adversaries will not attempt to subdue the U.S. with armaments, they will try to defang us in other more subtle ways.

Adolf Hitler’s imaginative little devil, Joseph Goebbels, is credited with popularizing the now ubiquitous usage of “propaganda.” The political world adopted Goebbels’ “big lie” and hardly a newspaper anywhere today is not indebted to him.

In my opinion, a person who is very much an exponent of Goebbels propaganda techniques is the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros.

Soros and his followers seem dedicated to obliterating the strengths of the country that has given them a safe home. Isn’t Soros bent on besmirching the U.S. reputation for morality, efficiency, generosity and courage?

I see Soros as a miserable little man. I do not like him or any other undesirable who sells short the American flag that I saluted mornings in schoolrooms and which flew proudly on ships where I served in World War II.

Yesterday on TV, Soros stated that Fox Broadcasting, and Glenn Beck in particular, are spewing forth propaganda reminiscent of “Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.”

Soros’ name appears often in connection with strife and hate in U.S. labor and political disputes. He is active in some 18 separate organizations that are pushing for the realization of “the American Dream,” which Soros seems to conceive of as something similar to the Communist Manifesto’s “workers of the world unite.” Where most of us think of the American Dream as a fond personal concept, Soros tells us we are wrong — the dream is “collective.”

American Communist Van Jones and Unionist (Service Employees International Union) Andy Stern are working for a future global hook-up of unions with enormous power. Unions have already established bases that encircle the Earth.

“Revolutions usually start with enthusiasm and end in tears,” Soros says. He should know how revolutions end, for he has helped collapse the economies of enough countries…

Marx’ and Engels’ Communist Manifesto gave the world a blueprint for the first-step to Communism, a plan now aimed at the destruction of the United States we know and love.

I hesitate to imagine what would have happened to Soros if he had uttered vile treasonist thoughts aloud among my Navy comrades in the Solomon Islands.

To me, America the Beautiful is more than a pretty song. It is an anthem that sings stirringly of the wonderful life that our native land offers us all.

I’m a simple guy, and I strive to remain that way.

In our Boy Scout hut on the shores of Lake Killarney, we young scouts recited the Pledge of Allegiance before every meeting.

I am still an American who is unashamedly graced by his birthright. I was born an American and will proudly die an American.

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