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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010 6 years ago

Play On!

I was a wide-eyed Democrat naif who thought that the U.S. government was the last word in honesty.
by: Louis Roney Staff Writer

Scary skies for medicine

In this season of good will toward men, I have a hunch our government is poised to deliver a health care knockout blow that will leave us with very little sense of personal peace on Earth. I suspect the character of the man who heads our government and bemoan his unwillingness to heed our people’s democratic voice. Obama pledges to “fundamentally transform the USA,” and, while we may have welcomed modest changes, we surely do not invite a head-to-toe revamping. Obama’s forces are on the attack and aim to replace our superb private health care with a “collectivist” system associated with socialist societies. Just wait’ll they get through… I have lived around this world a bit, and have found no place that does medicine as well as the good old USA! Our doctors surely don’t need this man of beclouded origin to show them what to do.

Where’s my money?

My Social Security history is long, and I see now that it was meant only to give good feelings to a young boy saving for his old age. My Social Security card dated 1935 is in my files. I paid SS when I was 14 working summers at Pipers Ice Cream Company in Atlanta. God knows how much I have paid in the intervening 75 years! We were promised by Democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt that the money would be “saved” in a segregated account, to be repaid to us when we got “old”. I learned later that the government boys had squandered it all on “other items.” I was a wide-eyed Democrat naif who thought that the U.S. government was the last word in honesty. I don’t believe that Dwight Eisenhower would have condoned screwing people as Jimmy Carter and Lynden Johnson did. Personal integrity now is an iffy concept, caveat emptor (let the buyer beware…)

It seems to me that the financial mess posed by “Social Security” today could best be resolved by: 1. Raising the pay-out age of new recipients, 2. Shrinking the pay-out to future recipients, 3. Raising Social Security taxes on future recipients. People already in the system must not be unjustly penalized ex-post facto. Promises are promises, even if made by Democrats.

The Soros ‘bit’

George Soros is one of the most evil men alive. He wants to collapse our economy and says he knows ways to do it. Soros describes himself on TV as a “god” who can duplicate almost anything the theological deity can do. Born a Jew, he is an atheist Hungarian whose name is plastered all over the world of “power”, and he has disciples galore who follow him implicitly. He’s now 80, and I suggest that he live to a Methusalan 900 years — then I’ll believe the whole Soros “bit.”

Israel is our ally

In the Human Rights Council of the United Nations, three quarters of recent resolutions have had a distinctly anti-Israel caste. And our president has not done enough to defang Iran’s growing threat to Israel. In some cases, it is possible to construe Obama’s words as being anti-Semitic. I believe that Obama may unwittingly find himself in opposition to an American public that sees Israel as a friend and ally.

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