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West Orange Times & Observer Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014 6 years ago

Professional cameras are just a rental away

by: Shari Roach

Cameras, accessories, lighting equipment and more are all available for rent through The LensPal, located in Winter Garden. Aspiring and professional photographers alike can experiment with a wide range of tools perfect for any photo or video shoot. These rentals allow anyone the access to powerful equipment with something to choose for every occasion, whether it be the Nikon D610 digital camera to easily capture a special life event in high resolution, a long-range zoom lens for picturesque scenes in the distance while on vacation or the waterproof GoPro camera to remember an active adventure.

All rentals take place through The LensPal’s online shop, The Winter Garden office does not operate as a store, but the personnel are happy to give recommendations and advice regarding the products.

“It’s such a unique business,” said Stephen Frieze, owner of The LensPal. “There aren’t many like this, only about 24 in the whole country.”

Prices are detailed on the website based on the number of rental days desired. Each rental period begins at four days, giving customers with short-term needs a less-expensive option. The longest each product can be kept is 30 days, however, The LensPal welcomes special requests from renters going on long vacations or working on extended shoots. Requests can be made by email or by phone.

The LensPal carries Canon and Nikon cameras, along with a variety of lenses, such as wide angle, standard, telephoto and cinema. Batteries and flashes are also available for individual rent. There is a list of video-camera favorites, as well, including the Blackmagic digital cinema camera and Canon camcorders. Customers can also check out tripods, camera bags, memory cards, transmitters and receivers and other accessories to help capture a great shot.

Camera rental does not only allow professionals to expand their work. It offers a service to those who might not be familiar with the different brands out there, which lens works best for their particular purpose or what lighting kit will meet their specific needs. It gives those interested in photography or video production a chance to experiment with a variety of tools before making the commitment to buy equipment of their own.

The LensPal location in Winter Garden has been open for about four years with renters from all over the country, Frieze said. However, many people are still not aware that this type of rental service is available.

Orders can be shipped directly to each customer’s home address or sent to the local LensPal location, 213 S. Dillard St., near downtown Winter Garden, to be picked up free of any shipping charge.

The LensPal built its website with the goal to make shopping easy. Each item is accompanied by a full description detailing the capabilities and features of the product, helping users decide which option is right for them. Items can even be reserved for upcoming projects. If a special lens, recorder or lighting kit is needed, it can be reserved and guaranteed to be available on the chosen day. All specifications can be made upon checkout.

“Flexibility, reliability, pristine equipment, low prices and a range of shipping options all add up to The LensPal experience,” the company stated on its website. “We have a real understanding of the issues that affect our clients, and we also have a genuine enthusiasm for what we do.”

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