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Southwest Orange Friday, Feb. 19, 2021 1 week ago

Retired MLB player, Windermere resident Johnny Damon arrested on DUI charge

Windermere police arrested Damon and his wife, Michelle Mangan-Damon, following an early-morning traffic stop Feb. 19.
by: Danielle Hendrix Associate Editor

Windermere resident Johnny Damon, a retired Major League Baseball player, has been arrested on multiple charges, including driving under the influence.

According to Windermere police, 47-year-old Damon was driving erratically through town in a dark-colored SUV at 1:23 a.m. Friday, Feb. 19.

The arrest report states that police stopped Damon's car near the Lake Butler Sound subdivision. In the car with Damon, they said, was his wife, 45-year-old Michelle Mangan-Damon.

According to the report, Damon was unsteady on his feet, slurring his speech and smelled of alcohol. When police asked him how much he had to drink, the report states, Damon told them "just a little bit."

Police said Mangan-Damon then began to get out of the car despite orders to stay inside, stating that she didn't need to listen to them. She continued ignoring orders and made her way to the driver's side of the car, where police tried to restrain her, the report states. 

As Damon tried to get in between her and police, the report states, Mangan-Damon turned toward the officer and grabbed his arm, pushing him away and walking toward the subdivision's guard house. Another officer arrived on scene and secured Mangan-Damon. Police said Damon attempted to resist being handcuffed afterward by tensing his left arm and moving it away toward his waist.

Following the struggle, officers asked Damon where the two were coming from, to which they say he replied, "London House" and described it by saying, "It's a guy who had a lot of money to, uh, I don't know, take care of taxes, so ... we're just having a good time there."

Before being transported to the Orange County DUI testing center, Mangan-Damon told police she had a nanny at home with their six children. Officers called the nanny and said the couple was "going to jail and would not be home for some time."

While at the testing center, police said Damon gave two breath samples, .30 and .294 -- nearly four times the legal limit.

Both were booked into the Orange County Jail. Damon was charged with DUI and resisting an officer without violence. Mangan-Damon was charged with battery on a law-enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

Damon is a graduate of Dr. Phillips High School and played for several MLB teams, including the Boston Red Sox, with whom he won a World Series championship in 2004.

Danielle Hendrix is the Associate Editor for the West Orange Times & Observer and the Windermere Observer. She is a 2015 graduate of the University of Central Florida, from which she earned a bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in world comparative studies. ...

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