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West Orange Times & Observer Friday, Nov. 11, 2016 2 years ago

Sports Spotlight - West Orange Times & Observer: Margaret Flick

Margaret Flick, 60, shares her experience at Winter Garden Yoga.
by: Steven Ryzewski Senior Sports Editor

For more than three years, Margaret Flick has been attending Winter Garden Yoga. There, her regular yoga practiced has helped the longtime resident of West Orange with stress-relief, aches and pains and even helped with her recovery from a pair of recent surgeries. At age 60, Margaret and her husband Tom are regularly active and she credits much of that to her yoga practice.


What led up to you deciding to give yoga a try?

That was a little over three years ago, and mainly at that time, what I wanted was stress relief. I had a few little aches and pains that I just thought were normal. It wasn’t until I started coming here consistently … that those aches and pains went away.

What are the benefits of yoga?

First of all, stress relief. They teach you to breathe and there is a portion of every class that you get to really relax. Primarily, at Winter Garden Yoga, it’s body mechanics and learning how to move your body that will benefit you 24/7. And mobility — that’s what they really work on here.


Do you do any other types of fitness?

I used to walk, and I currently go to a rowing studio for my cardio conditioning (Live2Row). Actually, the two are very complementary. … Many years ago I used to swim. My husband and I, we ride a tandem-bike.


Why do you like Winter Garden Yoga, in particular, so much?

They really understand body mechanics. … We’re like a family here. We really get to know each other, and sometimes we go to Axum afterward for coffee. You also have accountability, because they’ll miss you if you don’t come. You can trust that they’re going to do things with the correct postures.


What are your favorite foodie spots out here in West Orange?

Sit-down restaurant would be Thai Blossom, and for healthy, on-the-go food it would be Press’d (Juice Bar & Kitchen) down at Plant Street Market.


What non-fitness hobbies do you enjoy?

I like to read, and I used to like to garden. I used to do a vegetable garden for quite a few years. I had to give that up because of the squirrels.

Steven Ryzewski is the Senior Sports Editor for, as well as all three of Observer Media Group's print publications in Orange County. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida....

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