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West Orange Times & Observer Friday, Oct. 27, 2017 3 years ago

Sports Spotlight - West Orange Times & Observer: Matthew McDoom

SunRidge Middle’s Matthew McDoom earns MVP honors after district championship win.
by: Brittany Gaines Reporter

On Tuesday, Oct. 17, the SunRidge Middle School boys soccer team faced off against the Bridgewater Middle School team in their district championship finals and won in penalty kicks, 4-2. The game was a rematch for the the two teams that had played each other in the first game of the season, with Bridgewater coming out on top. After winning the championship, it was eighth-grader Matthew McDoom who was named MVP.

How did you feel going into that final game against Bridgewater?

I felt confident. I felt like the team got better. We knew how to play so we could stop them better and defend better.

What was it like getting that win?

It felt awesome knowing this was my last year and I won at finals.

What was it like making your penalty kick?

It felt good knowing that I helped the team win.

What was your reaction when you were named MVP?

I feel like I deserve it. I’ve developed in every position and could do anything on the field.

Which position is your favorite to play?

Midfield, because I can play both defense and offense.

How has your older brother, Michigan State wide receiver Eddie McDoom, inspired you?

He’s inspired me a lot because someone in the family made it, so I know that I can make it too. I try to push myself to be better than him in grades and sports.

How do you balance playing four sports and school?

I do most of my homework in class so I have time after school to do sports and other stuff.

If you could watch any sport on TV, which would it be?

Basketball. It’s the most entertaining sport to me.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Brazil. I want to see the (Christ the Redeemer) statue and go to the beaches.


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