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West Orange Times & Observer Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022 4 months ago

SUMMER SCHOOL ZONE: Preparing for back-to-school

Summer School Zone writer Lily Parker shares her routine for returning to a new school year.
by: Guest Writer




Back-to-school shopping is something that almost everyone does. Whether it is shopping for a new outfit, backpack or school supplies, these things all help you in the upcoming school year. Figuring out what you need for the classes you will be taking when school starts also is a major factor in what you will buy. 

Buying school supplies can be a hassle, with all of the crowds around the stores you are going to. Taking inventory of what you already have from the last school year can help save you time in shopping for all the things you need. Making lists helps people figure out what they need and not forget important supplies. A couple of the major stores that may have what you need include Target, Walmart, Costco and Amazon. 

My school holds a Meet the Teacher Day every year. Many people also send emails as a meet-and-greet to the teachers. Passing a few emails can be a great way to get to know what the course will be teaching. Teachers may also share a few tips that can help you succeed in their class. 

Another way to prepare for school is to fix your sleep schedule. Summer usually involves staying up late and watching movies. Going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up earlier than usual is a great way to get your sleeping schedule on track. I usually start this schedule a few days before the beginning of school. It gets me ready for what is to come when school starts again. 

Figuring out where each of my classes is can help me not be late or overwhelmed on the first day. I make sure I know my schedule by heart, and I know each of my teachers’ names. I figure out what I am going to be learning that year. Also knowing what will be taught can help me choose what to buy for each class, which will help me succeed. 

Before going to each of my classes on the first day, I make sure I know how to use my computer and all the websites we are asked to use. I make sure I can create a slideshow, create a new folder in my Google Drive and write a paper on Google Docs. I figure out how to connect to school Wi-Fi and make sure my computer is updated. I solve each and every problem before I am in the classroom.

Last, I pack my backpack the night before I go to school. I go over every class and make sure I have what I need for the following day. My school gives an agenda for what is going to happen during the week. Everything I need to know is on there, including classwork, tests and due dates.

Going back to school from summer can be a stressful and overwhelming thing, but knowing your way around is one of the best ways to be prepared. 

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