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Southwest Orange Wednesday, Jun. 30, 2021 1 year ago

Summer School Zone: Top 10 binge-worthy Netflix picks

Windermere Prep student Lily Redman offers her top picks for kicking back with Netflix this summer.
by: Guest Writer
Lily Redman, Windermere Prep

By Lily Redman, Windermere Prep

Need a break from the Florida heat? Trying to escape that inevitable surprise rain shower? Pick up your remote, kick up your feet, and dial up Netflix! 

Here are my top 10 binge-worthy Netflix picks to get you through the summer. 

1. “Anne with an E”

This adaptation of the classic “Anne of Green Gables” follows the enchanting and witty Anne as she experiences the trials and tribulations of growing up. She slays dragons in the form of discrimination and the struggles of her time. The series spans three seasons and is the perfect show to binge on a rainy day. It stars Amybeth McNulty, Lucas Jade Zumann, Geraldine James, R.H. Thomson, Dalila Bela and Aymeric Jett Montaz. 

2. “Penguin Town”

One of nature’s most fascinating phenomena meets reality TV in this new series. “Penguin Town” follows the endangered African penguins through the six months they spend in Simon’s Town, South Africa. Their antics, paired with hilarious narration, makes for an educational and equally entertaining experience. 

3. “Shadow and Bone”

Based on Leigh Bardugo’s New York Times-bestselling books, “Shadow and Bone” is the perfect series for fans of action, fantasy and swoon-worthy characters. A unique magic system, one-of-a-kind plot and stunning cinematography create a spectacle that is sure to keep your attention. Starring Jessie Mei-Li, Ben Barnes, Archie Renaux, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman and Kit Young. 

4. “Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous”

The Jurassic Park universe expands to a new level in this animated series. “Camp Cretaceous” features a select group of young adults who were brought in to experience Jurassic World first-hand. The series follows the storyline of Jurassic World from the perspective of the campers who were left behind. 

5. “The Irregulars”

Fans of Sherlock Holmes are sure to love this thriller! Follow a gang of street rats as they get mixed in with the supernatural and work together to solve mysteries for which the fate of the world depends. The combination of drama and magic is sure to enchant viewers. This period piece stars Thaddea Graham, Darci Shaw, Jojo Macari, McKell David and Harrison Osterfield. 

6. “Julie and the Phantoms”

From the mind of the legendary Kenny Ortega comes another musical sensation. Julie is a girl lost in her grief when she meets three ghosts who lost their chance at making it big. Together, they form a band and take the world by storm. Relatable characters and an amazing soundtrack create the perfect show for viewers of all ages. 

7. “Nailed It!”

This show is sure to cure summer boredom with the inspiration to bake! “Nailed It!” has become a classic Netflix original for learning, laughing and ― let’s be honest ― making fun of some hysterical baking failures. With five available seasons, as well as editions from other countries, this series is sure to keep your attention. 

8. “The Big Flower Fight”

“The Big Flower Fight” was a lifesaver during quarantine and is still one of my comfort shows today. A wide variety of florists, sculptors and landscapers all compete for the chance to have one of their creations displayed in London’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Minds are guaranteed to be blown by the creativity and dedication to this new form of art. 

9. “The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals”

As the world slowly but surely goes back to “normal,” travel is the one element of life that might not be ideal for every family. This show takes you along for the journey to the world’s most incredible vacation rentals from the comfort of your home. They feature budget-friendly, unique and luxury picks to suit interests of every variety. 

10. “Sweet Tooth”

Executively produced by Robert Downey Jr., “Sweet Tooth” is based on the comic book by Jeff Lemire. The series follows Gus, a half-human, half-deer hybrid as he faces a post-apocalyptic world. Excellent cinematography transformed the picturesque landscape of New Zealand into the features of Yellowstone National Park. 

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