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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Wednesday, Jun. 20, 2012 9 years ago

These LOCAL Dogs Work It Everyday, As Well!

WOOF! Work it!

I LUV dogs. I think they’re the greatest creatures on earth, and I’m not sure there’s a really close second.

The idea for my column in this week’s Winter Park / Maitland Observer came from a few of my favorite souvenirs. In 2008 while in Australia my life partner and I discovered books and calendars on ‘The Wine Dogs of Australia.’ These books are so much fun, so cute, with such wonderful photography and tidbits on dogs who live on Australian vineyards. We actually met a few of them while we were there, so it took hold fast and hard! LUVed the dogs. LUV and treasure the books.

We’d been planning this week’s approach for a while and I’ve been reminded again of how too much time to accomplish something for me can be as destructive as too little. I’d been thinking and planning so long, I kept thinking I’ve got MORE time. As a result, I had to hurry at the end – isn’t that always the way – and missed a few I may well had been able to include had I just managed time a little better. So, because I can’t stand leaving them out, I wanted to include them here.

First is Luke from John Craig. I stopped by last week to get Luke’s picture but by the time I got Craig the list of items he was out of town and it didn’t come together. I hate that because I consider Luke to be sort of the LOCAL CEO of the working breeds. The calm cool way he walks out onto the sidewalk to sniff and then return to the store, the way he meandered out from the back room the day I took his picture, so dedicated he tore himself away from a morning siesta, Luke is sort of a Park Avenue institution unto himself!

Second is Rocco from Shooz. He’s such a sweet guy, was so great about having his picture taken. Eva, his Mom, and I spent time getting him to bark and put his ears up and then we didn’t get his info! SORRY, Rocco!

The last two are both in College Park, Bruno at Modern Grace Boutique, and Lenny, at Woof Orlando. Bruno apparently has a very flexible schedule and I have yet to meet him. But, from the picture Grace sent me, hoping we might pull it all together, I have to. I adore Bulldogs, and was excited about the possibility of having two, Bruno along with Vinny from Sultre on Park Ave. And, lastly, was Mr. Lenny. I have not met him either, but was excited to do so. Lenny is a Boxer and my partner and I have three female Boxers who are the sun, moon and stars in our sky. They are crazy, they are LUVing, they are funny, they are magic. Lenny ended up having some issues over the weekend and I’m not sure what the latest update is. If your dog means as much to you as mine to do me, as much as I know Michelle’s (@ Woof Orlando) do to her, please include Lenny in your prayers. I’ve been giving mine extra big hugs each day now.

The Sweetness of Her Success!

LOCAL sweet hangout Sassafras is going to be on the telly – I sound so Brit! – again. This time it’s an MTV reality dating show called ‘Friend Zone’. But the action with this LOCAL success story doesn’t stop there . . . . . much MORE good stuff happening with Sassafras which I will share as soon as I have an a-okay from Miss Sassy herself, Rebecca McCamy. It is awesome to watch a great LOCAL idea take hold and skyrocket the way this one has. Congrats, Rebecca and all the Sassy team! You go in there and they’re always so happy . . . . and getting happier, I’d guess!

Back To The Canines . . . .

Give A Dog A Home . . . . I started today with dogs and today I conclude with same! This is one who can be your new furkid! Meet Sooner . . . . a sweet, sweet girl with the kind of hard luck story we seem to hear too often these days. Just look in this girl’s eyes and you know she’s a sweetheart! Check out her on the Pet Rescue by Judy site along with other animals now available and anxious for adoption:

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