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Photo by: Tim Freed - Winter Park police have tracked an alarming jump in burglaries, including a spree during Hurricane Matthew.
Winter Park / Maitland Observer Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016 3 years ago

Winter Park sees largest burglary spike in years

September sees spike
by: Tim Freed Managing Editor

Winter Park saw its biggest spike in residential burglaries in recent years this September, and Winter Park Police are taking notice.

The month of September alone saw 26 residential burglaries, according to the Winter Park Police Department’s online crime map. Since 2013, the only month that came close to that number was September of last year, which saw 24.

The large number this September came as a result of a rash of burglaries throughout the month in neighborhoods along Lakemont Avenue, which saw 13 total burglaries. A small string of burglaries also hit Pennsylvania Avenue.

That’s compared to 11 burglaries prior to that in August and 13 in October.

The city has seen eight burglaries so far this month.

Sgt. Garvin McComie of the Winter Park Police said officers have increased their neighborhood patrols as a result during the past month. They’re unsure of whether the burglaries were connected or not though, he said.

“We’re still investigating that,” McComie said. “Sometimes it could be related and other times it could be different people that (are) committing the burglaries. There’s really no telltale information we can really get on that.”

McComie, who’s been with the Winter Park Police Department for 15 years, said that while September did see a spike, it’s not uncommon to see certain crime trends rise and fall, especially approaching the holiday season.

McComie added that the best thing residents can do to keep their neighborhoods safe is to report unusual behavior, strangers or vehicles, no matter how insignificant.

“They know who lives there, who belongs there and who doesn’t,” McComie said. “If they see anything suspicious, they should contact us right away.”

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