Chris Jepson: Through the cracks

Any day they'll surprise us all with how Republicans will cover all Americans. Not with a shovel one hopes.

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  • | 12:21 p.m. August 14, 2013
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I contacted (by email) Congressman John Mica’s 7th Florida Congressional District office and requested what his specific plans were for providing healthcare (insurance) for his district’s uninsured. This was last week. I’ll let you know what his office provides.

By any metric you research, approximately 25 to 27 percent of Floridians are uninsured. That translates into roughly 3.7 million Floridians. You might even know someone who lacks access to good healthcare. The reason I contacted Congressman Mica was for him to clearly articulate his plan for providing healthcare for Florida’s uninsured.

I completely understand when Republicans (see: John Mica) vote to repeal “Obamacare.” Undoubtedly, the reason must be that they have better ideas on how to provide healthcare for all Americans.

John Mica has been in Congress for more than two decades and has well-defined positions on public health. He knows the importance of all Floridians having comprehensive healthcare. Interesting that the American Public Health Association evaluated Congressman Mica’s voting record in 2003 on health and gave him — then — an unremarkable 11 percent approval rating.

Congressman Mica has repeatedly opposed Obamacare (Casting how many votes, Congressman?). He opposes Obamacare because as a representative of the people he has a plan for providing good healthcare and coverage for all. I’ll share it with you when I receive and analyze the specifics of his ideas.

Some Republicans see me as (a) liberal. I know some do. Really. Congressman Mica, perhaps.

This is where I am with some Republicans. No surprise. We agree, America’s got problems and we all wonder how best to move forward. We’re eye-to-eye on that one.

We part over how to get there. Actually, we part over where to go.

Here’s a vision: We just keep trying to be better.

Better, in the context that life is better for more and more of us. Healthier, happier, if you will.

I think that moving in that direction — a healthier populace is a value I embrace — providing Medicare for all Americans is the right way to get to a healthier America.

And, when we don’t entirely succeed, keep trying as Americans — to keep after it — that life be better, for more and more of us.

John Mica has a vision, as well. There are cracks (as in falling-through) in his “vision,” leaving some of us Americans without coverage. This is a perfect forum for Congressman Mica to share how he would cover the uninsured of the 7th District, its percentage of Florida’s 3.7 million uninsured (just to keep it local).

What kind of America do you want? Free. Mobile. Independent. Safe. Creative. Self-sufficient. Sustainable. Responsible. Entrepreneurial. Civic-minded citizens.

How do you pursue that vision? It starts with so many things, the good mother and father, nutrition, education, medical care. Where do you invest in America? In the health care of our people. Why would we not at least try to get health care to all Americans?

I’m afraid, yes, I am. I’m afraid that Republicans are just “goofing on us.” Rolling-us! We’re being had. Any day now they’re gonna roll out their big ideas and surprise us all with how Republicans will cover all Americans. Not with a shovel one hopes.

Now if your plan requires time to implement, Congressman Mica, give us your timeframe, please. I will give it a fair (a public) evaluation. Thank you.

Jepson is a 27-year resident of Central Florida. He’s fiscally conservative, socially liberal, likes art and embraces diversity of opinion. Reach him at [email protected]