Maitland home burglarized off of Ventris Court

Three suspects, one believed to be carrying a firearm, stole an Xbox and a teenager’s cell phone.

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  • | 9:56 p.m. August 7, 2017
  • Winter Park - Maitland Observer
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A Maitland home off of Ventris Court was burglarized on Saturday – a terrifying turn of events that saw a local teenager reportedly forced to hand over belongings while he was home alone.

The Maitland Police Department responded to a call on Saturday of a burglarized home after the teenage victim went next door to call the police.

There were three suspects involved, according to the victim, who described them as two black males and one white male.

One of the suspects reportedly broke through a window on the side of the house to gain entry before letting the two other suspects inside.

The victim said there was a firearm brandished, and that the suspects demanded personal property.

The three suspects left with an Xbox and the victim’s cell phone.

“It’s very uncommon,” said Lt. Louis Grindle of the Maitland Police Department. “I can’t even gather the last time something like that happened within the city.”

Grindle said police are still investigating why the three suspects chose to burglarize that particular home.

Any kind of burglary or home invasion is rarely conducted on a random house without knowing what’s inside, Grindle said, adding that the home was likely chosen for some specific reason.

“Normally the way it works is they know the resident,” Grindle said. “It’s not random. There’s something specific they’re looking for. It could be electronics, it could be money, it could be weapons, it could be drugs. We just don’t know. They probably went in with an intent for something specific, maybe didn’t find it and left with just the two items.”

Grindle said police will continue investigating to shed more light on the burglars at large.


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