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Cops Corner
West Orange Times & Observer Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016 4 years ago

COPS CORNER 02.11.16

Ocoee police served two suspects marijuana possession charges.
by: Zak Kerr Staff Writer/Reporter


JAN. 23

A.D. Mims Road and Carriage Oak Court. Drug possession. Officers were parked near the intersection around 1:53 a.m., when they saw a vehicle with no tag light. They stopped the car and learned its tag had expired in September. The car smelled like marijuana, so a search ensued. Officers found a grinder, cigarillos and plastic with marijuana paraphernalia, so they issued the driver a notice to appear in court on cannabis possession charges.

JAN. 25

West Franklin Street. Drug possession. At about 8:30 p.m., an officer stopped a car for following another too closely. The officer smelled cannabis in the vehicle, so he searched and found 12.6 grams’ worth of cannabis baggies in a liquor container and $145 in small bills. The passenger was under arrest on drug possession charges and later admitted he had another baggie in his left sock.



Oakland Police

The Oakland Police Department reported these stats for January:

Business checks: 867

Felony arrests: 5

Misdemeanor arrests: 5

Police events: 1,023

Traffic crashes: 5

Traffic stops: 268

Vacation house checks: 0


Ocoee Fire

The Ocoee Fire Department (stations 25, 26, 38 and 39) reported 114 calls for assistance from Jan. 21 to 27:

Fires: 6

EMS: 70

Vehicle accidents: 7

Hazardous materials/conditions: 1

Public service: 25

False alarms: 5

Other: 0


Ocoee Police

The Ocoee Police Department reported 350 calls for service from Jan. 21 to 27:

Arrests (adult): 11

Arrests (juvenile): 4

Assault/battery: 2

Burglaries (residential and business): 4

Burglaries (vehicle): 5

Child abuse: 4

Criminal mischief: 3

Drug violations: 4

DUI: 1

Homicide/death investigations: 0

Robberies: 1

Sexual offenses: 2

Thefts: 12

Vehicle accidents: 23

Vehicle thefts: 2

Missing/endangered adults: 0

Missing/runaway juveniles: 2


Winter Garden Fire

The Winter Garden Fire Department (stations 22, 23 and 24) reported 97 calls for assistance from Jan. 17 to 23:

Fires: 4

EMS: 65

Vehicle accidents: 5

Automatic fire alarms: 10

Public assistance: 2

Hazardous conditions: 2

Calls for service: 9


Winter Garden Police

The Winter Garden Police Department reported 498 calls for service from Jan. 14 to 20:

Arrests (adult): 24

Arrests (juvenile): 1

Assault/battery: 8

Burglaries (residential and business): 1

Burglaries (vehicle): 7

Child abuse: 0

Criminal mischief: 2

Drug violations: 4

DUI: 1

Robberies: 1

Sexual assault/battery: 0

Thefts: 17

Vehicle accidents: 19

Vehicle thefts: 1

Missing/runaway adults: 0

Missing/runaway juveniles: 0

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