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Photo by: Sarah Wilson - Every client that walks through Resouluna's doors is offered a complete consultation to see how their issues can be addressed.
Winter Park / Maitland Observer Monday, Jun. 6, 2016 4 years ago

Get the skinny on Baldwin Park's newest beauty business

More than skin deep
by: Sarah Wilson Staff Writer

Physicians at Resouluna Advanced Aesthetic Therapy know that beauty is more than skin deep. But Head Clinical Educator Joni Ricketts believes that improving your skin can only help your inner beauty shine brighter.

Resouluna, she said, focuses on improving the bodies' outer most layer to help boost their confidence in all aspects of life.

“We make people feel better about themselves so they can go out and do better by themselves and others,” Ricketts said.

Baldwin Park's newest beauty business caters to those looking to improve both their appearance and greater well-being. Their services range from Cool Sculpting, which uses non-invasive cold lasers to help freeze-away fat, to cryotherapy, where clients enter a chamber filled with nitrogen gas that helps heal their muscles and sooth achy joints.

Ricketts said since Resouluna opened in February, they've garnered quite a following throughout Baldwin Park. Its clean, serene atmosphere has helped attract both men and women to their New Broad Street location. Women, she said, love the convenience and wide services available, and men love that it doesn't feel like a typical foo-foo spa or a sterile doctor's office.

“It's the safest place possible in a comfy cozy environment where you don't feel like you're in a doctor's office,” Ricketts said.

After working for a decade as a physician assistant in everything from trauma to plastic surgery, Ricketts got to know the walls of doctors’ offices well. When the opportunity came about to work fulltime in aesthetics, she jumped at the chance. She had realized over the years that she didn't have to be saving lives to make a difference with her work. Something as simple as helping someone feel more confident in their skin, she said, can make a world of difference in that person's life.

“It's quality of life that people don't realize,” Ricketts said, “they think it's only aesthetic. But it’s really improving how people go out into the world... it's all related.”

Every client that walks through Resouluna's doors is offered a complete consultation to see how their issues can be addressed. Ricketts said the result is a long-term game plan, not overnight results. There are no large mirrors throughout the facility so clients don't feel self-conscious. During the consultation clients are given just a small fist-sized hand mirror to point out the areas they view as problems.

“My goal is to make them feel better about what bothers them in a real and meaningful way,” Ricketts said.

“We really just enhance what's already there.”

At the end of the day, Ricketts said, its what's inside a person that matters most. It's just her job to give what's inside the best possible canvas to shine through.

“It's about the whole person,” she said. “It's all connected.”

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