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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010 9 years ago

Maitland City Talk

Maitland volunteers of the year

Each year, the city of Maitland gathers to celebrate the many accomplishments of the volunteers who devote countless hours of service throughout the year. It is through their efforts that the city of Maitland is able to provide quality service and projects to our residents.

On Tuesday evening, we took the opportunity to applaud the efforts of all who serve passionately and selflessly, giving back to their community in every way.

This year we have selected two recipients who have dedicated much of their lives to their community in so many different ways.

Elizabeth Schneider-Peele

Elizabeth has been a resident of the city of Maitland since 1980. She has served multiple terms on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board as a member and chairwoman, and helped the Board chart a course of action that has diligently moved the city toward fulfilling the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

She is truly extraordinary, with an MBA from Rollins and Nova Southeastern, and is a successful businesswoman who finds time to serve the community on various boards, such as the Transportation Advisory Board, as Secretary of the New Hope for Kids Board of Directors, and as a volunteer language teacher for the Orange County Public Schools Additions program.

Her work in the community includes significant involvement in the approval of the SunRail station design, contributions to the transportation concurrency exception area for the Community Redevelopment Agency and the development of functional street classification evaluations and red-light running ordinances.

Her husband, John, and daughter Allison can be proud of her accomplishments and the fact that even though she serves in a seemingly endless list of roles that she has also found the time to establish and develop a collect, neuter and release program for hundreds of domestic animals.

It is only fitting that this multilingual volunteer heads a company that welcomes thousands of visitors to the Central Florida area annually. She is not only an ambassador for the Central Florida region, but every day her work, devotion and caring makes her an exemplary ambassador for the city of Maitland.

Cindi Price

Cindi Price is a native of Central Florida and became a resident of the city of Maitland in 1998. She has served multiple terms as a member, vice chairwoman, and chairwoman of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and as a result has participated in numerous subcommittees focusing attention on developing a Parks and Recreation Foundation and numerous athletic program issues, and has worked diligently on improving the Minnehaha Park property.

In addition to her service in that capacity, she has also served as a representative on the Orange County Civic Facilities Authority, the Personnel Advisory Board, the Orange County Neighborhood Grants Advisory Board and most recently has served as chairwoman of the Maitland Connectivity Task Force.

A champion of park development in the Maitland Center section of the city, she has worked diligently to foster progress in fulfilling the dream embodied in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan in bringing to reality a new west-side park.

Working tirelessly to discover and implement connections for runners, pedestrians and cyclists throughout the city, her contribution in helping bring to reality a system of safe byways is a passion that never rests.

Cindi graduated from the University of North Colorado and with all the time and energy spent on city-related efforts, still finds time for her husband, Steve, and son Chad, who can be very proud of all that Cindi has accomplished.

It is mainly through the efforts of volunteers like Elizabeth and Cindi that the city of Maitland is able to accomplish so much over time.

My heartfelt thanks go out to all of our city's volunteers who give so much of themselves and their time, who expect nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing that "Maitland is Moving Forward."

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