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Winter Park / Maitland Observer Wednesday, Sep. 29, 2010 7 years ago

Play On!

We are now fighting for our lives - the lives we have been enjoying all these years as free Americans.
by: Louis Roney Staff Writer

Hillary Clinton, grandiose benefactress and secretary of state, proposes that we give billions of dollars to the Pakistanis, whose country boasts some of the world’s great riches.

We are now fighting for our lives — the lives we have been enjoying all these years as free Americans.

Should we, whose forefathers fought to build their own democratic nation, now sacrifice to finance Pakistani nationhood rather than concentrating on our own preservation?

I suppose that we should first ask Pakistan to deliver up Osama bin Laden, who reputedly has long resided there.

Question: Is being a “nation builder,” i.e. building a country for another people, the way to go, or should each people build the nation that is veritably its own?

Hillary Clinton’s official decision is simply whether Pakistani Sheiks should cough up some of their own worldly goods, or whether we Americans should borrow more money against our staggering national debt to provide it for them.

It seems to me that building a nation begins with cleaning up your own messy home-site, and not asking financial sponsors to come in and clean it up for you before you have lifted a finger in your own behalf.

Hillary — Obama must know — may be his opponent in the next presidential primary. With Bill Clinton as her advisor, she knows how to keep her name in the headlines.

God knows, I don’t think we should involve ourselves yet again in a far-away land, and, at the end, see Americans die for someone else’s nationhood.

(If I were president, you would see the figures dramatically slashed for money that we spread around the world as though it were manna from heaven.)

American diplomats on the public payroll have their own point of view, as they are paid to give away someone else’s money — ours. The more they manage to give away, the better they appear to be doing their jobs.

While the Bible speaks in praise of givers, it chides to the same degree wastrels who get little or nothing for their money.

Our USA is only as good as the people that we elect to public office — from our local commissioners to the president of the U.S. You can only make a worthy omelet out of worthy eggs.

If we put in the White House someone of low moral character, we can expect four years of low quality life in the land.

Wry Newt Gingrich recently commented, “As an American, I am not so shocked that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his name, because America gave him the White House based on the same credentials.”

How would you describe the quality of American life today?

Whatever you think America is, it is we who created it, allowed it and must take the responsibility for it. Our inequities provide the energy that keeps us jumping.

God made Adam and Eve — what a bountiful idea! What an incongruous omelet indeed.

Equality is the American dream — the equality of opportunity in the equal 24-hour days allotted to each of us on Earth.

Each of us makes his choices.

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