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Windermere Observer Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017 1 year ago

Sports Spotlight - Windermere Observer: Markel Hudson

Olympia senior Markel Hudson has shown offensive prowess for Titans.
by: Steven Ryzewski Senior Sports Editor

The season is still young, but Olympia senior forward Markel Hudson already has demonstrated an ability to score in bunches for the Titans. Hudson scored 35 points and hauled in 15 rebounds against Freedom High Dec. 1. A few days later, against Cypress Creek Dec. 4, he scored 31 points. More recently, against Apopka Dec. 8, Hudson poured in 21 points for the Titans (3-3).


In the games in which you put up big numbers on offense, is there any early sign that it will be a good night?

Every time I make my first bucket, I feel like, “Yeah, I can do it.” My team just gave me the ball, and I scored the ball very well.


How has the team adapted to playing for a new coach in Rob Gordon?

At first, we were struggling a little bit. But now, we know the system, everything is flowing and everything clicks.


What have you learned about playing for Coach Gordon so far?

He really wants you to work hard and execute stuff you’re supposed to.


What do you think is the potential for your team?

I’d say we have very good potential with this team. If everybody plays their role, I’d say we can beat any team out there.


Do you have a favorite NBA player?

In the NBA, I look up to Kevin Durant. He’s my favorite player since forever. He can do anything — he can shoot, dribble, post, anything. You can’t really stop him.


What did you work on in the offseason?

I was trying to improve on my shot, dribbling and trying to get better around the rim.


Which of your teammates is the funniest?

I’d have to say Brian (Gracia) — he’s the funniest.


If the team is down by one point and there are only a few seconds left, which teammate would you trust the most to take the final shot?

I would say Jordan (Grant).


What’s something you learned about this school year that you enjoyed?

In statistics, we talk about probabilities and stuff — I enjoyed that.


What are you hoping to study in college?

I’m hoping to major in business.  Either business or marketing. I’d like to be a marketing person and travel.


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Probably China. It’s big and crowded, and I just want to explore.


What are you looking forward to the most about the holidays?

Family — I like spending time with my family. They’re pretty funny, and I have great times with them. I have a lot of brothers and sisters, so it’s kind of a big get together.


What’s your go-to rainy day show to watch?

I like to watch “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Steven Ryzewski is the Senior Sports Editor for, as well as all three of Observer Media Group's print publications in Orange County. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida....

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